Romantic Disney Songs for Your First Dance

Whether you’re having a Disney themed wedding, or just looking to add a little extra magic to your day, Disney songs make the perfect choice for your first dance.

Not only are they undeniably romantic, there’s a strong chance everyone at your wedding will know the song, and it’ll bring a smile to their faces as you float around the dance floor.


For total Disney princess vibes, opt for a classic Disney song for your first dance; imagine your partner twirling you around the dancefloor set to the tune of Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast – dreamy!

To really live your fairy-tale princess moment, you and your partner could have dance lessons prior to the big day to make sure your first dance is worthy of the films.

Choosing your Disney first dance song might be tricky, there are so many sweet ones after all. To help you decide, you and your partner could think about which are your favourite Disney films and go from there, or choose your favourite Disney character and see which songs from their film suits you best as a couple.

Don’t feel you have to stick with the traditional songs; modern Disney films like Frozen have some really romantic songs on their soundtracks too.

Read of for our pick of the most romantic Disney songs for your first dance – and don’t blame us if you’re suddenly desperate to book a Disneyland honeymoon…


Disney First Dance Songs

  • A Whole New World – Aladdin

If you ask us, A Whole New World is the most romantic of all the Disney songs. Even Katie Price and Peter Andre couldn’t ruin it with their rendition.

2019 saw Zayn Malik release his take on the song in honour of the live action remake of Aladdin, and while it was a sexier take on the love song, it’s brought it bang up to date.

No matter which version you choose, when the lyrics sparkle over the sound system you’ll feel like you and your partner have transported to a whole new romantic world, no magic carpet in sight.

  • Tale as Old as Time – Beauty and the Beast

When Belle and the Beast spun around the dance floor in that iconic scene in Beauty and the Beast, we immediately fell in love with this song.

While we doubt you’ll be wearing a dress quite as… yellow as Belle was wearing, you can recreate the memorable scene with this song as the soundtrack to your first dance.

It also had a recent re-imagining, with Ariana Grande and John Legend recording the track for the live action film, creating a smooth as silk song. Plus, John Legend makes anything cool, so if your partner is reluctant to take to the floor to a Disney track, this is the one to convince them.

  • So This is Love – Cinderella

For the total romantics out there, this classic track is the perfect song for a heartfelt first dance. It’s very slow, so make sure you’re comfortable swaying in the spotlight for the duration of the track.

The schmaltzy vibe of this song is made for staring into your partner’s eyes and feeling like the only two people in the room; this one is probably for the die hard Disney fans out there who want to embrace the fairy tale magic on their wedding day.

  • Once Upon a Dream – Sleeping Beauty

Another one for long term Disney lovers – this upbeat track makes us a smile as soon as the vocals begin. The lyrics make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and perfectly echo the feelings of falling in love with someone upon first sight.

We can see this song working as a first dance song in a stately home wedding venue where you have plenty of space on a large dance floor to drift from corner to corner with a princess style wedding dress fanning out around you.

Lana Del Rey released a spooky take on this track for the live action Maleficent film, and while it’s not particularly wedding appropriate, it’s well worth a listen for her calming vocals and dramatic re-imagining of this romantic song.

  • Kiss The Girl – The Little Mermaid

Sebastian’s crab accent might not be the vocals you imagined as the soundtrack for your first dance, but this upbeat song has a real romantic message, even though you’ve already had your first kiss!

Two thirds of the way through the song picks up pace, so this would be a great time for your guests to get involved with the first dance, with everyone taking to the floor for a boogie.

  • Some Day My Prince Will Come – Snow White

Sure you’ve already found your Prince / Princess Charming, but there’s no denying that this is a heartfelt song to have for your first dance. It’s relatively shorty at 2 minutes 30, so is a good choice for couples who don’t want to have all eyes on them for too long.

  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight – The Lion King

We know this song is about a pair of lions who are in love, but Elton John’s lyrics will forever have a place in our hearts, especially since Beyonce and Donald Glover recorded a showstopping duet of the track.

We guarantee your guests won’t be able to resist singing along to the rousing chorus – it gets us every time!

  • Let it Go – Frozen

Speaking of tracks your guests won’t be able to resist singing (or shouting) along to, this song definitely falls into that category.

If you want a quiet, sentimental first dance song, this isn’t the Disney song we’d go for – there’s no way people won’t be belting it out!

For a less twee version of the song, give Demi Lovato’s version a listen. Dramatic, yes, but still great.

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