Types of Wedding Entertainment

It’s your big day so getting the wedding entertainment right is essential. But what are your options?

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A popular choice and a feature at most weddings is the wedding DJ. Usually reasonably affordable, a wedding DJ can play background music, party music for dancing, and your first dance song. This all-in-one option is one reason why wedding DJ’s are so popular. Every city and town will have local wedding DJ’s. The DJ will have a vast choice of song available allowing you to dance along to the latest chart hits, or you may decide to have a theme to your wedding such as 80’s or Motown.

Another option is to have a wedding singer. There are many different wedding singers available including tribute acts from artists such as Frank Sinatra , Michal Buble and Robbie Williams. Often wedding singers perform to backing tracks or they may even perform with fully live bands. A wedding singer with a backing track will obviously be more affordable. There are many entertainment agency sites with a whole range of acts.

You may decide to go all out and have a fully live band. Whilst the most expensive option, good live bands will undoubtedly get your guests in the party mood. The problem though is finding a good one! The best place to start is entertainment agents. You should be able to listen to their music on the agent’s website giving you an idea of how good they are. There may be some good bands in your local area but professional wedding bands tend to be signed up with agents. On your big day you probably don’t want to take any chances, so getting a band through an agent with a signed contract is a good idea.

The choice is yours and will probably depend on your budget. A live band can be £500 upwards whereas DJ’s can be less. Live music on the other hand will make your day even more special and even more memorable. The best advice is to go with your heart. If you have your heart set on a live band and make do with a DJ then you will always regret not saving that little extra for the live band (or vice versa).

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