Wedding Fireworks to Add the Wow Factor

Fireworks are not just for bonfire night, a professional fireworks display is the ultimate wedding night finale. Here are our top tips to light up your wedding night  and create an amazing experience for all your guests.

Wedding Fireworks by PyrotasticFireworks by Pyrotastic


Wedding fireworks by Pyrotastic

Wedding reception fireworks finale

Fireworks displays are the ultimate way to bring the ‘wow factor’ to your evening reception. Professional fireworks display companies will put on a stunning light show to help you create everlasting memories of your day. Don’t be tempted to ask a trusted (and sober) best man to put on a small-scale display – it’s risky,  a lot of responsibility and will be nowhere near as impressive as the real thing.

Fireworks by Pyrotastic

Fireworks by Pyrotastic

Top Tips for your fireworks display

1. Check with your venue whether it is possible to plan a fireworks display and where the best location would be.

2. If your venue has a grassy hill or a water nearby then this could be ideal.

3. Add sparklers to your event, perhaps with gloves as a special gift for each guest.

4 Don’t let off Chinese lanterns as these have been shown to cause problems to wildlife. Instead go for sparklers and light the way with pretty lanterns.

5 Ask the experts how you could personalise your display with accompanying music, love hearts or even your initials on fire!

Professional fireworks display companies are not as expensive as you might think. Pyrotastic are a fireworks display company with over twenty years experience working with pyrotechnics. They specialise in wedding receptions, concerts, carnivals and parties, and offer a range of effects including set pieces, representing 2D images as well as some breath-taking theatrical effects to add that ‘wow factor’ to your wedding.

Phil Brown at Pyrotastic told me: ” We work very closely with couples, everything is included in the price quoted and guests will be blown away. Most guests believe that their large scale displays must cost tens of thousands of pounds when in actual fact they start at a few hundred and go up to £,1500.”

Fireworks by Pyrotastic
Jaw-dropping fireworks display by Pyrotastic
Fireworks displays are undoubtedly exciting and spectacular, but do remember to ask your wedding venue and check local restrictions before planning a display. Fireworks make a spectacular celebration of your marriage even more special.

Sparkler love heart by Fabulous Wedding Photography

Sparkling love heart photos by Anthony Gould-Davies at Fabulous Wedding Photography


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