Blue brooch bouquet from Silk Blooms |

Add Sparkle to your Wedding Day with a Brooch Bouquet

Brooch bouquets are the trendy way to add a bit of bling to your bridal bouquet. Our friends at Silk Blooms, purveyors of stunning artificial bridal bouquets, dress up their silk flowers with crystal and rhinestone brooches to create dazzling, eye-catching displays any bride would be proud to carry down the aisle.

Silk Blooms is the UK’s largest silk wedding flowers shop, offering brides a variety of bouquet options in every colour imaginable. The floral team at Silk Blooms can match your bridal bouquet to any colour you’d like, even to Pantone colour swatches. Add in the option to adorn your chosen bouquet with an assortment of crsystal and rhinestone brooches and you’ll have one truly unique bridal bouquet to tote down the aisle.


Daina, an ivory rose brooch bouquet from Silk Blooms |

The brooch bouquet bandwagon

Brides around the world are ditching traditional flower bouquets and opting for bouquets made entirely of brooches or, as Silk Blooms offers, bouquets enhanced and adorned with rhinestone or crystal brooches. Brooch bouquets are ideal for brides with flower allergies and combined with silk flowers, will provide you with an everlasting memento of your wedding day.

The sparkly bouquet options a brooch bouquet affords have even caught the attention of celebrities, with many famous faces choosing to carry more sustainable bouquets down the aisle instead of traditional options.

Enhance your artificial flower bouquet with crystals and rhinestones |

Brooch bouquets for your wedding theme

One of the things we at Confetti love about these trendy, alternative bouquets is how versatile they are! Combined with the flowers Silk Blooms uses, you can personalise your bouquet to reflect your wedding theme. Of course, the luxe 1920s or Gastsby-inspired Art Deco wedding theme would suit a brooch bouquet wonderfully, but you do have options to incorporate this style of bridal accessory into other themes.

Blue brooch bouquet from Silk Blooms |

Fully-studded brooch bouquets like the one above are ideal for weddings abroad. With a brooch bouquet, you won’t have to worry about your flowers getting crushed in transit or trying to find a florist at your destination. Additionally, brooch bouquets look stunning for beach weddings, with the crystals and rhinestones glimmering in the shining sun.

Emily brooch bouquet from Silk Blooms |

Elegant silk white roses with crystals scattered throughout and suspended above the blooms like Emily, above, slot into a traditional, princess or winter white wedding themes effortlessly. The joy of brooch bouquets is how easily they are customised. Don’t fancy a specific element? Want more crystals and less flowers? Want to change the colour? Silk Blooms can assist you with every detail of your bouquet so you get exactly what you want tailor-made to fit your style and no one else’s.

Laurain Long Rose Brooch Bouquet from Silk Blooms |

Why choose a brooch bouquet?

If you’re still on the fence about brooch bouquets, here are five fab reasons to opt for one of these stunning bridal accessories:

  1. You can easily incorporate family heirlooms or personal jewellery of sentimental value into your bouquet.
  2. Speaking of heirlooms, since Silk Bloom’s brooch bouquets will never whither and die, you can save your bridal bouquet as an heirloom to be passed to your children.
  3. Brooch bouquets with silk flowers are much more versatile than fresh flowers & can be packed in a suitcase to be carried abroad.
  4. Silk Blooms offers opportunities for bespoke designs–get what you want and nothing else.
  5. As no flowers are harmed in the making of your Silk Blooms brooch bouquet, you can be sure that this is the go-to bouquet for the eco-chic bride.

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