Red chocolate bouquet by the favour gallery

Chocolate Bouquets

It’s the latest fashion in alternative bridal bouquets and oh so sweet. Hot on the heels of the fashionable sweetie buffet comes the chocolate bouquet, a delicious way of completing your look that is perfect for winter weddings and cooler days, natural brown or vibrant colour themes and anyone looking for an alternative to a floral wedding bouquet. Here are some of our favourites, why we love them and how to make your own .  Red chocolate bouquet by the favour gallery

Red chocolate bouquet made with chocolate dragees and sugared almonds by the Favour Gallery


It’s certainly different and we love it. Imagine a delicate bouquet of beautiful long-stemmed roses, held with a silk ribbon that looks pretty, smells divine and tastes amazing, or pretty vibrantly coloured petals gathered together into a hand-held posy… this is quite simply edible elegance for the 21st century.

Delicate floral sculptures of white, dark and milk chocolate can be moulded into intricate flower shapes to resemble a classic bridal bouquet, presented on a long-stemmed luxurious satin-wrapped handle with a tied bow. It would be so tempting to start nibbling on it during the ceremony…

Chocolate roses by Le Chocolatier

White chocolate moulded rose bouquet by Le Chocolatier

You don’t have to eat your chocolate bouquet of course, it doesn’t have to be brown and you don’t even have to have roses. There are several options when it comes to chocolate bouquets.

While a milk and dark chocolate bouquet is lovely for a rustic brown wedding theme, white chocolate can be coloured so you could hold a red, purple or pink floral bouquet with green foliage made almost completely from chocolate.

Chocolate dragees are another amazing option and can be mixed with traditonal sugared almonds for customary good luck in any colour for a traditional or a very contemporary style. You could also have a matching style table centres to complete the look.

Rustic style chocolate bouquet by the Favour Gallery

Chocolate and sugared almond bouquet by the Favour Gallery

You could order a ready-made bouquet and matching smaller bouquets for your bridesmaids or have a classic real floral bouquet and just give your little flower girls chocolate bouquets – to eat after, or you could make your own.

How to make your own chocolate bouquet

You can make your own gorgeous chocolate bouquet quite easily and for next to nothing. Have a chocolate bouquet making day with all your best friends before your hen night and make yours while your bridesmaids make their own bouquets or an artisan chocolatier could teach you how to mould your own chocolate flowers for a very special day out together.

Chocolate flowers from moulds  by Lakeland

Chocolate flower moulds by Lakeland

If you’re going to make it yourself at home, all you need is a box of chocolates pretty, coloured foil to wrap the chocolates in, wooden skewers to hold each chocolate in place as a stem would hold a flower, coloured fabric to wrap around each chocolate to give the illusion of petals and to create a floral shape, and shiny satin or metallic ribbons to complete the bouquet handle. For a ready-wrapped gold bouquet Ferroro Rocher chocolates work very well. White chocolate bouquet by the Favour gallery


White chocolate bouquet by the Favour Gallery

For a more alternative look, hold the chocolate bouquet in a gorgeous little bridal bag to create an edible bag bouquet and for the ultimate finishing touch to your wedding, give out the chocolates at the end of the night.

Mix real flowers with your chocolates, sparkling brooches, love heart gems or even your initials, for a truly unique look. YouTube has several videos showing how to create chocolate bouquets if you feel you need a master class.

Lilac blue chocolate bouquet by the Favour Gallery

Lilac blue chocolate bouquet by the Favour Gallery

We love chocolate bouquets as an alternative to the classic floral bouquet just remember it’s not the best option for a summer wedding on a hot a day!

To continue your chocolate flower theme, have a wedding cake with matching chocolate floral decorations and give chocolate flowers as favours to each guest. Everyone loves chocolate and the children will always remember your wedding.

To make your own chocolate bouquets you’ll find wedding confectionery including foil wrapped chocolates in several colours, chocolate dragees and sugared almonds in the Confetti Shop.

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