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DIY Spring and Summer Wedding Floral Arrangements

Incorporate your favourite flowers into your big day with a gorgeous boutonniere, bouquet, and centrepiece. Here are some of our favourite DIY spring and summer wedding floral arrangements that are perfect for any theme.

Spring and Summer Floral Arrangements | Confetti.co.uk


Look #1 – Simply Sweet Wedding Boutonniere

What You’ll Need:

Buttonhole - What You'll Need | Confetti.co.uk

  • A single tulip and a stem of white lilac
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Shears
  • Bridal pin
  • Baker’s twine (we used a mocha mouse colour)


Step 1: Secure your tulip and stem of white lilac together with some floral wire. Wrap the wire from beneath the blooms, working your way down for about an inch. This will ensure the tulip and lilac remain upright.

Step 2: Cover the wire with floral tape to even out the surface. Then trim the stems down to boutonniere size (roughly 2.5 inches long).

Spring Boutonniere | Confetti.co.uk

Step 3: Cover the floral tape with baker’s twine. An uneven coverage adds a great texture that suits a rustic or bohemian wedding perfectly.

Step 4: Secure the baker’s twine with a bridal pin.

Spring Buttonhole | Confetti.co.uk

The Final Result:

Summer Buttonhole | Confetti.co.uk

Look #2 – Light and Airy Wedding Bouquet

What You’ll Need:

Bouquet - What You'll Need | Confetti.co.uk

  • Peach tulips and white lilac (we used 7 tulips and 3 stems of lilac)
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Shears
  • Raw muslin ribbon
  • 2 bridal pins


Step 1: Remove any excess, bulky leaves from your tulips and then bunch your blooms together. We aimed for a light bouquet, so we used 7 tulips.

Step 2: Behind your tulips, add your stems of lilac like a backing. Hold your stems tightly together as you work.

Pastel Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk

Step 3: Use floral wire to tie everything together—tie it high enough along the stems that everything is held in place.

Step 4: Cover the wire with floral tape to even out the surface. Then trim the stems down to the size you prefer (try and keep it in proportion with your body).

Summer Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk

Step 5: Wrap your raw muslin ribbon around your bouquet stems and secure with pins—one from the top of the wrap, and one from the bottom.

Tulip Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk

The Final Result:

Spring Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk

Summer Florals | Confetti.co.uk

Spring Florals | Confetti.co.uk


Look #3 – Full Bloom Wedding Centrepiece

What You’ll Need:

Centrepiece - What You'll Need | Confetti.co.uk


Step 1: Collect the flowers you’d like to use and start to fill the middle jar with a variety of different stems.

Step 2: You may want to repeat a few of your favourite flowers. Remember to keep a nice balance of colours, and make sure your jar looks full from all angles.

Summer Centrepiece | Confetti.co.uk

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other two jars. We finished our centrepiece by adding a stem of lilac to each side. This gave a pretty, overflowing final look.

Summer Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

The Final Result:

Pastel Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Pastel Wedding | Confetti.co.uk

Spring Centrepiece | Confetti.co.uk

Spring Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

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