DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

DIY Wedding – Beautiful Ribbon Blooms

These beautiful ribbon flowers are so easy and quick to make, yet look so cute and sweet! Use them to decorate pew ends or chairs at your ceremony, or put in vases, string into garlands, or wrap around tall candle holders for your reception tables – in any colour to match your theme!

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers


Get your bridesmaids together for a crafty Sunday afternoon, and you’ll be surprised how many of these you can make! These flowers suit any type of wedding – from a few strategically placed rosettes in white or ivory at an elegant soiree, to full bouquets or chair decorations at a rustic, garden, or quirky DIY-themed wedding – they are one of the most versatile decorations! You can make them months in advance and put aside until the wedding day, for a guaranteed ‘wow’ from the guests!

What you’ll need

  • Ribbon – we recommend using ribbon no wider than half an inch
  • Needle and thread
  • Sharp scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Buttons or pearls for flower centre

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Top tips

Ribbon – any kind and colour of ribbon is suitable for this project, the narrower and thinner the better. You can mix and match different ribbons for each flower for even more variety!

Sewing thread – you may use a colour to match the ribbon, or you can go all out with gold or silver thread to  make the flower centres stand out even more.

Centres – many craft stores sell buttons by weight where you are guaranteed to get a really good mix, or you can buy as many matching ones as you need.

Sewing or gluing – we recommend sewing, as glue and fabric can get quite messy, also you have to wait for the glue to dry – sewing lets you complete each flower without a mess or delays.

What to do

Cut the ribbon into strips, between 5 and 8 per flower, 6 inches long each. The example below is made from 8 strips.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Arrange ribbon into star shape.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Sew a stitch through the middle to hold the strips together in star shape, then start folding the ends of the ribbon to the middle, and stitching them together as you go. In our example the navy polka dot ribbon is double-sided, and we arranged the first four strips with the wrong side up, and the last four the right side up. This gives an alternating pattern when folding the strips into petals.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Once all the petals are stitched together, sew a button at the centre. Done! You can now attach a ribbon at the back to hang, or string onto a garland, or a wire wrapped with green paper as a stem.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Our second example in pink ribbon is made from 6 strips 6.5 inches long, with a pearl centre.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

This makes the flower flatter and larger.

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

Simple isn’t it! You can make many flowers at a very low cost, as one small average roll of ribbon will produce at least a dozen flowers. Whether you make full bouquets, or just a few table embellishments, they will make your venue look absolutely beautiful!

DIY Wedding Ribbon Flowers

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