May Wedding Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Spring Wedding

If you are planning your wedding for May then prepare to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. From delicate blooms to statement floras, the choice is both vast and varied. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, then take a look at some of our favourite spring blooms for some ideas and inspiration for your May wedding flowers.

Lovely Lisianthus

May wedding flowers

If you are looking for a flower that ties in effortlessly with your chosen colour scheme, then the soft-petalled lisianthus comes in a variety of different colours, giving you lots of options. The long, slender stems work perfectly within a wedding bouquet and with the option of either a single or a double flowered version, they offer flexibility too.  Their delicate petals lend themselves perfectly to a romantic arrangement, whether you opt for a more structured bouquet or something a little more vintage and hand-tied in style. Beautiful in either a simple, all-white bouquet or used as an accent colour.


Heady Hyacinths

Purple may wedding flowers

The striking hyacinth is the perfect choice for a beautiful spring inspired display. Combined with other seasonal flowers they can ensure that your bridal bouquet really makes a statement. Celebrated for their intense, sweet fragrance, they can add another dimension to your bridal bouquet,  leaving behind you a beautiful scent as you walk down the aisle. Available in a range of colours, from white and cream all the way through to lilac and the renowned china blue, they can complement a range of colour schemes and mix beautifully with the likes of roses, freesias and stocks.

Fragrant Freesias

There is no denying that the beautifully fragrant freesia is a favourite among spring wedding flowers. Grown in a variety of colours from white to vibrant pinks and purples, intense reds, yellows and oranges they complement a range of colour schemes. Whether you opt for a classic all-white bouquet featuring Ballerina freesias, or you are going for a more spring inspired look, mixing bold yellow freesias with the likes of blue iris and pretty forsythia the choice is vast. Renowned for their fabulous scent, they can add another element to your wedding bouquet or centre pieces, while the freesia also symbolises unconditional love, friendship and trust – making it the perfect symbol for your wedding day.

Perfect Peonies

There is a reason why the peony reigns as champion among wedding flowers. If you are looking to wow your guests with a beautifully romantic bridal bouquet then the peony will not disappoint. Often paired with roses to achieve a stunning floral display, these blousy blooms are available in a variety of colours. With neutral colour schemes forming a major trend among wedding flowers in 2020, the peony’s range of pastel colours means it delivers in both the popularity and the fashion stakes. With its flower meaning – ‘a happy marriage’ – surely they could not be more fitting for your May bridal bouquet.

Striking Sunflowers

Whether you’re planning a spring inspired yellow wedding theme or you have chosen sunflowers because of their bold beauty, these striking and vibrant blooms will certainly get your guests talking. Believed to represent joy and radiance, the sunflower is said to symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity – making it the perfect choice for your bridal bouquet. This gorgeous sunny bloom can add a warm, rustic touch to your Spring wedding flowers or if you are looking to achieve a more classic display then why not pair with elegant white roses for a stunning contrast.

Subtle Sweet Peas

These subtle and sweet scented blooms will add a delicate and romantic feel to any spring wedding. Available in a variety of colours including a broad range of pretty pastel hues, these understated blossoms make for the perfect May bridal bouquet if you are opting for a vintage style wedding. With 2020 cited as the year when bridal bouquets become a lot more discreet, the understated, the fragrant sweet pea is set to prove a popular choice. Whether arranged alone in a simple white bouquet or combined with other spring blooms such as stocks to create a more rustic feel, the options are endless.

Colourful Cornflowers

If you are looking to add a pop of colour to your bridal bouquet then the humble cornflower could be the perfect pick. These delicate and lightly fragrant flowers are both versatile and impressive too. If you are going for a more rustic look then these pretty flowers look stunning in a naturally tied bouquet, or pair with classic white roses to give a colourful twist to a more traditional arrangement. What’s more, with its flower meaning –  ‘wealth, prosperity, fortune, friendship’ – this vivid bloom could provide the perfect sentiment for your future as a married couple.

Romantic Roses

May bridal bouquet

The ultimate in romantic blooms has to be the traditional English rose. Grown in a wide array of colours and varieties they offer something to suit every style of wedding. If you are looking to achieve a classic, romantic bouquet then you might want to consider the David Austin rose. This beautiful bloom, which looks like a cross between a rose and a peony is hugely popular and works beautifully in bouquets with peonies themselves. Other popular types of rose include the hybrid tea rose, sweetheart rose, garden rose, and spray roses, all of which can bring a different dimension to your floral displays. With each colour defined as having its own meaning too, they provide the perfect way to add meaning to your bouquet or arrangement.

Classic Carnations

It’s true. Carnations are making a comeback! Often dismissed by bridal couples and viewed as a poor relation to its more fashionable counterparts, the modest carnation can really add to your May wedding flowers. It can be incorporated alongside the majority of spring blooms to make a beautiful wedding bouquet. Available in a host of colours they pair well with almost any flower or greenery and can prove a cost effective way to enhance any floral arrangement. By combining pink and white carnations with white wax flowers and white freesias you can achieve a beautifully soft and subtle look – perfect for an outdoor or rustic themed spring wedding day.  

Radiant Ranunculus

Wedding flowers for May

A popular choice among spring brides, the ranunculus pairs well with almost any flowers or greenery because of its smaller blooms and delicate petals.  Available in white, pink, peach, red, orange, and yellow, this dainty blossom will suit a range of colour schemes and can either be used to provide an accent colour for your floral arrangements or to perfectly complement your chosen colour palette. Whatever you are looking to achieve with your May wedding flowers, the ranunculus could make the perfect addition. Classic pairings include peonies or garden roses – which combined can make a stunning spring bridal bouquet.

So there you have it, a snapshot of just some of our favourite May wedding flowers. Whatever style you are planning for your big day, you can rest assured that with a May wedding, there is something to suit every theme. From classic to contemporary, romantic to rustic enjoy exploring all of the beautiful blooms that this wonderful time of year has on offer. For more advice on your wedding flowers, explore how to choose your bridal bouquet.

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