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Peony Wedding Bouquets: The Royal Wedding Flower

Meghan Markle has chosen to have peonies in her bridal bouquet, a flower that makes a bold style statement with its size and shape. The ultimate summer wedding flower, peonies are like pretty scoops of ice cream with lush rounded blooms that are loaded with folkore and symbolism. Whatever your choice of flowers, peony wedding bouquets are set to be this year’s must-have wedding accessory.

Peony wedding bouquets |
Bridal bouquets

Symbolism and Folklore

Peonies are known as the flower of honour and riches and are said to embody romance and prosperity. They are regarded as an omen of a long and happy marriage and a lifetime of good fortune, which all seems most fitting for the royal wedding. Peonies are also said to represent bashfulness, since their petals were believed to be magical hiding places for mischievous nymphs! Peonies were also known as the king of flowers in ancient China, and according to folklore are named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods whose life was saved when he was turned into a beautiful peony.


Peony wedding bouquets |

The Royal Wedding Bouquet

The royal wedding bouquet is to be made up of: peonies, white garden roses and foxgloves. It is also likely to contain at least one sprig of myrtle. The royal family’s official Twitter account confirmed: “Many Royal Brides across the generations have chosen to carry a sprig of Myrtle, which represents love, in their bouquets. This tradition dates back to the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s eldest daughter.” The bouquet is likely to be all white, as is also customary with royal bouquets, and will be arranged by London-based florist Philippa Craddock. Meghan Markle’s peony bouquet will be very different to the small, delicate lily of the valley bouquet chosen by the Duchess of Cambridge. Here’s everything else you ever wanted to know about the royal wedding.

Peony wedding bouquets |

Colours and Season

Peonies come in a range of colours and shades, from pure white and creamy yellow to coral and peachy colours through to blush pink and deep rich red. The peak season for peonies in the UK is from mid-May to early July.

Peony wedding bouquets |

Styles of Peony Wedding Bouquets

The peony is a wonderful choice of flower for many styles of wedding and works particularly well for vintage weddings. There’s just something about the pastel shades of coral, creamy yellow and pink that create a romantic vintage look. For a stronger look, the deepest shade of red peony gives a wonderful old fashioned feel to a bouquet when combined with lush green foliage and antique roses. Simple hand-tied peony wedding bouquets without any other floral addition can look incredibly stylish for a contemporary city style wedding, while mixing blooms with trailing foliage can give a wonderfully rustic look .

Peony wedding bouquets |

Mixing Blooms

As not all peonies are scented, it can be lovely to add other fragrant summer flowers to create a mix of sweet-scented shapes and colours in your bouquet. A combination of pretty peonies, fragrant lavender and garden roses with trailing foliage will make a gorgeous wedding bouquet. Add berries and large leafy sprigs for a very different look, or thistles for an interesting combination of shape and form. Similar bouquets can be created in slightly smaller sizes for bridesmaids.

Peony wedding bouquets |

Buttonholes and Headdresses

Matching the rest of your wedding flowers to your bouquet, from floral decor and table centrepieces to headdresses and buttonholes, will give your wedding a co-ordinated look.

Pink Peony Headdress

Gorgeous for Boho style weddings, a peony headdress is a colourful alternative to the traditonal tiara. As the peony is such a large flower, you won’t have to use many to have an impact. Remember, less is more.

Peony wedding bouquets |

Pink Peony Buttonholes

A pink peony worn in the groom’s buttonhole to match the bride’s bouquet adds an air of romance to a wedding. The peony stands out against the suit and gives a soft and romantic, almost feminine look.

Pink floral buttonholes |

Silk Peony Wedding Bouquets

For anyone with hayfever, silk bouquets are a perfect alternative that will not only look stunning on your big day, they’ll keep their good looks for years to come. The beauty of silk wedding flowers is that you can either sell them on after your big day to recoup some costs or keep them to give to future generations as a wonderful keepsake of your big day.

Silk peony wedding bouquets | peony bouquet by Floral Art Studio, Etsy

Bouquet Accessories

Finally, you can add a touch of sparkle or even family photos to your bridal bouquet with these gorgeous finishing touches.

Bouquet Locket

Enclose meaningful photos inside this locket attached to your bouquet. It could even be be used to enclose photos of loved ones who can’t be there in person for a quiet but meaningful way to include those who can only be present in your heart.

Bouquet stem locket |
Bouquet locket

Diamond Flower Centre

Diamond flower centre |

DIY Sparkling wedding bouquets

Bouquet Stem Brooch

Bouquet stem crystal brooch |
Bouquet stem crystal brooch

Find out more about bridal bouquet shapes and styles and bouquets to suit your dress shape, how to match your wedding flowers to your season and find professional florists in your area.

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