A pomander bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Shapes – The Pomander Bouquet

The pomander bouquet is a perfect ball of flowers usually carried by a ribbon that can be hung from the bride’s wrist. This bouquet can take the form of a tightly arranged round posy of rose buds with little space between each petal, or a slightly more relaxed globe of larger blooms such as peonies for a more contemporary look.

2 red rose pomander bouquets


The wedding dress for the pomander bouquet

The pomander bouquet suits romantic Jane Austin style empire line bridal gowns, slender, slinky vintage 1930s dresses, 1950s tea length dresses and elegant Victorian corseted gowns.

A pomander bouquet in pink and white

Styling a pomander bouquet

The pomander bouquet is an unusual choice and quite old fashioned in its style. Hang this bouquet from your wrist by a delicate chain or pearls, beads, gemstones or a satin, velvet or chiffon ribbon.

Just like other bouquets, there are larger and more intricate variations of the pomander bouquet – some made all of one flower type such as roses and others with a variety of different blooms. The pomander bouquet tends not to have much foliage and the stems are hidden inside the ball.

Natural flower pomander bouquet

Alternative pomander bouquets for a more contemporary look can include trailing foliage from the bottom of the ball enhanced with sparkles, pearls or gems.

The flowers and colours you choose for your bouquet will depend on your wedding colour scheme and overall theme. You could have one colour for a simply classic look or a mix of contrasting or complementary colours to add interest.

To add interest to an oval bouquet a florist can position leaves at regular intervals to each flower to create a pattern. Twigs and grasses can also be used to great effect to create shape across the bouquet.

White and green pomander bouquet

Bride and bridesmaid pomander bouquets

As the bride, you may want to have a slightly larger bouquet to your bridesmaids to ensure yours stands out. You could have different flowers packed into yours and just one flower in theirs or have yours in a vibrant colour such as red with theirs in white. This works beautifully against a white or ivory wedding dress and red bridesmaids dresses.

Red and yellow flowered pomander bouquet

Working with your florist

Your florist is the wedding flower expert so discuss your options with them and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want even if they haven’t yet suggested it. Look through their portfolios for inspiration and discuss all the different flower, colour and style options open to you and the finishing touches such as ribbons, bows and tiny gem stones on petals for added sparkle.

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