Red Artificial Wedding Flowers

Everlasting artificial flowers are absolutely stunning, and many of your guests won’t even realise they are not real. Here are some tips and inspirational ideas from Budding Sensations on artificial flowers and customisation.

Budding Sensations Artificial Red Flower Bouquet


Red flowers, very popular for Christmas and Valentines weddings, are especially beautiful through their traditional colour and symbolism of passion. And the beauty of them being artificial is that you can have red flowers any time of year because they can never go out of season. So whether that be roses, gerberas or poppies, you can always get them.

Some very popular colours at the moment could age your photos, such as Cadbury purple, but the traditional red will remain utterly timeless. So, in years to come, you’ll still  be able to look back at the photos of your big day and the colour will be as fresh and clean as it was on the then.

Budding Sensations Artificial Red Flower and Ivy

There are various ways of customising artificial flowers to make them more personal. Red roses onto ivy garlands really do show up within the leaves. Sometimes, such as with ivory flowers, the flowers can almost blend in too much to the background. Red really shines through.

Budding Sensations Artificial Red and White Rose Bouquet

Crystals and diamantes on red roses is also very effective. The red of the flower makes the crystals sparkle more.

Some brides worry that everything has to match. For example, bridesmaids dresses, chair sashes, invites, etc. But putting shades of one colour together looks beautiful, and different shades of red is stunning together. It will be captured so well in your photos.

Budding Sensations Artificial Red Rose Corsage

Artificial Flowers are wonderful because they stay perfect all day. They won’t wilt, they cost less than fresh flowers and you get to keep them. They’re a perfect decision for your wonderful day, made for you to treasure and keep forever. Budding Sensations are specialists in artificial wedding flowers, creating contemporary, modern and traditional designs.

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