Secret To Creating Floral Centrepieces On A Budget

Floral arrangements have the power to transform your day into your dream wedding. There’s a price tag that comes along with some dream weddings so Confetti has created this to help you get the look you want, even if you’re on a budget. We love sharing our secrets with you so here’s a cheap and cheerful way to create gorgeous floral arrangements that are bang on trend but won’t break the bank.

Less is more

Vintage Inspired Ceramic Bottle With Lavender Motif Vintage Inspired Ceramic Bottle With Lavender Motif


Above: Vintage Inspired Ceramic Bottle With Lavender Motif

The sleek design of our vintage bottle vase makes it the perfect decorative feature for your tables. The pastel shades are ideal for this season and the beautiful lavender motif sets it apart from other bottles. A single stem is all you need to make an impact.

A play on heights

White Glass Bottle Décor Set Woodland Themed Wedding Table

Above: White Glass Bottle Décor Set

One of the biggest trends for your tables is height and layers. Using a group of bottle vases in different sizes is the best way to create this look. This gorgeous effect can be incorporated as part of grander set up or used on their own with a single bloom.

Play By Numbers

Blue Glass Bottle Set Colourful Floral Wedding Arrangements

Above: Decorating Glass Bottle Set

For those who love the idea floral vase centrepieces, you’re going to love this idea! Pull together groups of vases and bottles to form a cluster, add colour and dimensions by using different coloured bottles and vases with a variety of flowers in shades and tones to fit your theme.


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