Spring 2016 Bouquet Trends | Confetti.co.uk

Spring 2016 Bouquet Trends

Wedding bouquets are a traditional bridal accessory dating back hundreds of years, and brides take a lot of effort to create a bouquet that’s unique and personal. So, with 2015 behind us, be inspired by what we think might be the biggest spring 2016 bouquet trends.

Spring 2016 Bouquet Trends | Confetti.co.uk

A Keepsake

Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more brides including a little keepsake on their bouquet. A small locket with a photo, for example, or some other meaningful little trinket.

Bouquet Trinket | Confetti.co.uk
Be inspired by Confetti.co.uk’s selection of charms!

Bouquet Alternatives

Brides who opt for flower alternatives have been on the rise for the past few years—consider a glamorous brooch bouquet, a quirky button bouquet, or a paper bouquet made from copies of love letters you and your partner have shared.

Brooch Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk
Above: Couture Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Unusual Shapes

Modern bouquets are traditionally rather round or oval in shape, and the beautiful draping waterfall or cascade bouquets are also pretty popular. However, creativity also thrives among modern brides, and you may wish to create something more unique.

Unique Bouquets | Confetti.co.uk
Above, image courtesy of Pinterest

Big Blooms

Bouquets with a variety of voluminous blooms and leafy accents are growing more popular. Reminiscent of big-budget celebrity weddings, big-bloomed bouquets are coveted among brides who really want to make a statement.

Big Bouquets | Confetti.co.uk
Above, image courtesy of Pinterest

Natural Florals

A growing favourite, natural-looking bouquets are perfect for any bride and have been a signature in recent years of vintage- or outdoor-themed weddings. They tend to be less structured than the more traditional bouquet, and that results in a lovely, organic feel.

Natural Bouquets | Confetti.co.uk
Above, image courtesy of Apple Blossom Flowers and Wedding Hire

The Spectrum

Flower colours play a huge role in customising your bouquet, and in 2016 we think we’ll be seeing more bouquets made up of flowers in different shades of one colour. For example, a bouquet made out of all different shades of pink or blue.

Colourful Bouquet | Confetti.co.uk
Above, images courtesy of Florish Wedding Flowers and Pinterest

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