List of Summer Wedding Flowers

Match your wedding flowers to your season.

The month you marry can make a real impact on your choice of wedding flowers in terms of what’s in season and which blooms will be available to you at a price you want to pay.summer wedding flowers


The price and availability of flowers changes throughout the year and although (just like fruit and veg), flowers can be imported or grown in greenhouses to help make certain types available all year round, seasonal flowers tend to be better value and easier to find.

As wedding costs can creep up quickly, it’s worth doing a bit of homework before you choose your flowers, so you can match your wedding blooms to the season you are marrying in.

Here’s our guide to popular seasonal summer wedding flowers to help you decide which blooms are right for you:

Agapanthus — large, striking flowers, also known as African Lily.
Alchemilla — common garden flower with tiny yellow/green flowers.
Anthurium — exotic, waxy looking flowers.
Aster — also known as a Michaelmas Daisy. Daisy-like flowers.
Bouvardia — clusters of small, tubular flowers.
Carnation — long lasting and wonderful for using on their own in pomanders.
Cattelya orchid — large, brightly-coloured orchid.
Celosia — crinkled flowers. Different varieties are available.
Cornflower — usually available in blue, but other colours can be found.
Crysanthemum — large, showy flowers.
Dahlia — dramatic round flowers.
Delphinium — tall flower spikes.
Freesia — highly scented flowers in various colours.
Gerbera — contemporary, daisy-like flower in various colours.
Gypsophila — tiny white flowers. Perfect as a filler or used on its own.
Hydrangea — enormous flowerheads in various colours.
Iris — popular, but relatively short-lived.
Lavender — Fantastic scent. Perfect for a country celebration with a lilac theme.
Lily — lilies are available throughout the year, but not in all colours.
Marigold — daisy-like flower.
Mint — mint has a wonderful scent and a feathery flower.
Nerine — clusters of delicate flowers.
Nigella — also known as ‘love in the mist’. Delicate, papery flowers.
Oncidium orchid — small yellow flowers along the stems.
Peony — soft, papery, large flower. Available in May and June.
Phalaenopsis orchid — large, striking orchids. Wonderful for bouquets.
Phlox — popular country garden flower.
Rose — needs no explanation! Available in almost every colour.
Stephanotis — individual white, waxy flowers. Make wonderful buttonholes and bouquets.
Sunflower — striking flower usually in yellow.
Sweet pea — short-lived. Wonderful colours and scents.
Zinnia — a similar flower to a dahlia.

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