Wedding Bouquet Shapes – The Bag Bouquet

The bag wedding bouquet is a modern design which is becoming a fashionable new bridal trend. This bouquet can be designed in a variety of styles and can be held over the arm, dangled from the wrist or held by the hand just like a small handbag.



Unlike most other floral bridal bouquets, the bag bouquet is not simply a flower arrangement in another shape. There are two types of bag bouquets: those that use actual small bags filled with overflowing fresh flowers, or bags with flowers and gems attached decoratively around the outside so you cannot see the bag at all, just the shape. The handle of the bag bouquet is what differentiates it from other bouquets.leafbagbouquet
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The wedding dress for the bag bouquet

The bag bouquet suits most styles of bridal gown and looks particularly striking against a contemporary style.


Styling a bag bouquet

The bag bouquet is an unusual choice and as it’s still such a modern alternative. Generally speaking, the smaller the bag, the more dainty this bouquet will look. You don’t want to be carrying a shopping bag worth of flowers down the aisle!

Have your bag wedding bouquet made from a gorgeous fabric such as rich, vibrantly coloured velvet and hang it from your wrist by a delicate chain or pearls, beads or gemstones, or a satin or chiffon ribbon. For an even more modern, rock n roll look, go for leather.


The beauty of the bag wedding bouquet is the overflowing of the flowers. Add to the textures of your bag bouquet by including feathers or trailing foliage and enhance the bag itself with crystals, pearls or gemstones for added sparkle.

The flowers and colours you choose for your bouquet will depend on your wedding colour scheme and overall theme. You could have one colour for a simply classic look or a mix of contrasting or complementary colours to add interest.
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Bride and bridesmaid bouquets

As the bride, you may want to have a slightly larger bouquet to your bridesmaids to ensure yours stands out. You could have different flowers packed into yours and just one flower in theirs or have yours in a vibrant colour such as red with theirs in white. This works beautifully against a white or ivory wedding dress and red bridesmaids dresses.


Working with your florist

Your florist is the wedding flower expert so discuss your options with them and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want even if they haven’t yet suggested it. Look through their portfolios for inspiration and discuss all the different flower, colour and style options open to you and the finishing touches such as ribbons, bows and tiny gem stones on petals for added sparkle.

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