The Best Flowers for Every Kind of Wedding Venue

There’s a lot to ask when you’re booking your wedding, and one of the main things you need to consider is how you want to dress your venue.

What suits a barn wedding venue would look out of place at a woodland wedding, while décor that would be sensational at a stately home would likely overpower a coastal wedding venue. With this in mind, we spoke to expert florists Blooming Haus about the kinds of flowers and floral displays that suit each type of wedding venue.


Read on to discover the best flower for your wedding venue.

Flowers for City Weddings


“For city venues we’d suggest going for elegant, yet casual wedding flowers, with a hint of drama,” says Blooming Haus’ master florist Michal Kowalski.

“Choosing minimalist flowers filled with fragrance such as sweet roses, hydrangeas and early amaryllis cleverly contrast the scents and sounds of a bustling city.”

If feminine flowers don’t float your boat, opt for a heavy foliage floral style that creates a sense of escape, leaving your guests thinking they’re immersed in a botanical garden as opposed to a few feet from the nearest tube station.

Flowers for Castle Wedding Venues

“Think grace and grandeur when it comes to spectacular castle venues,” advises Michal.

“Contrast long, low arrangements with tall impressive vases filled with various textures and colours from blooms such as garden roses, salvias, clematic and rose hips.”

“Grand staircases are often a focal point in castle wedding venues, so make the most of these by adorning then with vast numbers of candles and huge symmetrical centrepieces with floral shades that either complement or completely contract the walls.”

Flowers for Barn Wedding Venues

We’ve written a whole piece on how to have a stylish barn wedding, and flowers are a huge part of creating the perfect aesthetic for barn venues.

“Barn weddings call for informal styling” says Michal. “Keep the flowers relaxed and take cues from the wooden beams, thatched roof, double doors and big windows that bring the outside in.”


“Go for light, colourful and naturally styled flowers; choose wild blooms such as rough-rugged roses, fragrant peonies, saturated zinnias, spiky rudbeckias, echinacea, unusually shaped scabiosa and revel in the beauty of imperfection.”

Flowers for Stately Home Wedding Venues

“A stately country home wedding venue offers the perfect place to combine sophisticated and relaxed vibes,” says Michal.

“Go large and green with your floral displays to create a sense of place. Hornbeam trees, peonies, roses, white irises and delicate spireas make for a wonderful garden style look whilst floral arches as statement pieces are bold yet befitting of the location.”

Image: Voyteck Photography

“If you’re opting for a stately city home or mansion, then grand architecture requires grand designs and meticulous attention to detail. Take inspiration from the wall colours, fabrics, textures and layout to create harmony but also contrast with the interiors and their surroundings.”

Now you know the best flowers for your wedding venue, check out our guide to finding the perfect wedding florist.

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