The Cascading Bouquet

Cascading, trailing, waterfall and shower – this is a beautiful bridal bouquet of many names.  Ideal for brides who want to make a statement, the cascading bridal bouquet is designed with an abundance of overflowing flowers cascading down in a loose style requiring many flowers for a full and luscious look. Voluminous and lengthy, it is the ideal bouquet for a larger-scale, grand or formal wedding and the bouquet of choice for the royal family, here’s how to make it yours.

Shower Bridal Bouquet


Cascading bouquets by Todich Floral Design

The wedding dress for the cascading bouquet

An elegant shaped bouquet, it suits most gowns and looks particularly stunning against a dramatic mermaid/ fishtail gown, a classic ball gown or full skirted A-line dress.

Styling a cascading bouquet

Roses, lavender, orchid and lilies work beautifully in a cascading bouquet with trailing ivy and even hanging tulips.

The larger and longer the cascade the more striking the bouquet, though it’s worth bearing in mind that this is a heavily wired bouquet and the more flowers and trailing foliage, the heavier the bouquet. The bouquet can be as large or small as you wish and with as much width as required.

The flowers and colours you choose for your bouquet will depend on your wedding colour scheme and overall theme. You could have one colour for a simply classic look or a mix of contrasting or complementary colours to add interest.

A wonderful addition to the cascading bouquet is decorative feathers such as peacock or marabou feathers, unlike you’re superstitious in which case, choose marabou over the peacock feathers which are said, some, to be unlucky. trailing foliage, hanging beads and pearls can also be used to great effect to create the cascading effect of this gorgeous bouquet. A satin or velvet ribbon bow will also add a contrasting texture to the mix.

Bride and bridesmaid bouquets

As the bride, you may want to have a slightly larger bouquet to your bridesmaids to ensure yours stands out. You could have different flowers packed into yours and just one flower in theirs or have yours in a vibrant colour such as red with theirs in white. This works beautifully against a white or ivory wedding dress and red bridesmaids dresses.

Working with your Florist

Your florist is the wedding flower expert so discuss your options with them and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want even if they haven’t yet suggested it. Look through their portfolios for inspiration and discuss all the different flower, colour and style options open to you and the finishing touches such as ribbons, bows and tiny gem stones on petals for added sparkle.

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