The Three Biggest Wedding Flower Trends for 2020

With the new year just around the corner, our thoughts are already turning to the wedding trends we’ll be seeing in 2020; from the bridesmaid dress styles we predict will be popular, to the decor that will be everywhere, there’s so much to look forward to.

We’re particularly excited about the wedding flower trends for 2020, especially after talking to florist Hiding in the City about their predictions for the next year.


“When couples contact us it is important that we know what trends are expected to be seen in a year’s time so that at the time of their wedding our designs are still seen as fresh and exciting,” explains Amy of Hiding in the City.

“So, what are we expecting to see in the much anticipated 2020 weddings?”

Farewell to Foliage

“Pink and white are still a real favourite for wedding flowers, but for our 2020 couples we’ve been proposing a twist by paring back the greens and providing more nudes, blushes and bleached tones,” says Amy.


“This colour pallet is really soft and feminine and can be seen everywhere on the catwalk. There are a huge number of nude roses varieties being bred currently to supply this trend. Some of our favourite are Quicksand, Menta, Faith, Majolica, and Bombastic.”

“Perhaps speak to your florist about using these as the basis for your designs and adding in other delicate sandy florals.”

Bleached Wedding Flowers

“Part of this palette, and another big trend that we are expecting to see roll into 2020, is the use of bleached foliage. This trend started with bleached Ruscus, a type of normally boring cheapish foliage that we tend to steer clear of. However, this bleached foliage works really well with the minimal nude colour pallets.”


“Since this trend kicked off, we’ve seen more types of foliage being bleached and available on the market such as Amaranthus and Honesty as well as Hydrangeas and you cannot scroll through Instagram without coming across a bouquet with something bleached in it. This bleaching process allows us to use the structure and form of foliage, with a crisp white background rather than the traditional green.”

Small Wedding Bouquets

In stark contrast to the OTT, trailing bouquets we’ve seen everywhere in recent years, 2020 sees bridal flowers become a lot more discreet.

“After the boom in XXL bouquets from a few years back, we are now seeing brides requesting small and dainty bouquets,” confirms Amy.

“Perhaps this is because recent wedding trends are showing a greater focus on a bride’s dress. Or perhaps this is simply due to the sheer weight of an XXL bouquet, but this is a trend we stand behind, making the large guys gives you serious wrist ache!”

“A smaller bouquet is not only lighter but also lighter on the purse strings too! And if you are planning on a large bridal party, opting for smaller bouquets can really help with your budget so more can be spent decorating the venue.”

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