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Every season brings a fresh sense of style, colour and trend. This summer Lee Talbot from top London Florist, Desmond Talbot, shares his suggestions for the hottest and most ‘on‐trend’ summer wedding bouquets of 2011.

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On trend: Hot pink flowers are a popular wedding option just now

Couples choosing to marry in the summer are very wise indeed, as summer seasonal blooms will offer couples a wide array of different flowers to select so their bouquet can really make its mark and be a beautiful feature for the bride.  And here are Desmond Talbot’s ( top three trends.

Give your bouquet a touch of ‘bling bling’!


The standard and most popular type of wedding bouquet is hand‐tied, where the flowers and stems are gathered together and wrapped in wide satin ribbon.  Brides who want a more glamorous and personalised bouquet should choose beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls, and crystals or rhinestones to ‘lift’ the plain ribbon that ties the stems together. Brides who want to give a more rustic and natural look to their bouquet can incorporate feathers, berries, herbs and succulents like kumquats and small lemons or limes. The bouquet won’t only look different and unique, but it will also have an amazing scent for the bride and those around her to enjoy.

It’s ‘au revoir’ to the sweet rose!


While the rose continues to be the most popular and traditional wedding bouquet flower, lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids represent ‘on trend’ choices this summer. Arrangements with a more casual, ‘just‐picked from the garden’ feel, are set to replace the more tightly‐bound and structured bouquet shapes of previous seasons.

Bride with her lily and rose bouquet

Hot pink is the new white


Brides are becoming incredibly bold in choosing colours for her wedding bouquet.  While the white and cream monochrome bouquet is still in high demand, summer brides are increasingly choosing vivid, vibrant flower colours in pinks and purples. These strong colours will photograph beautifully as they will be offset against the white and cream wedding dresses. Some of the best flowers for brides to consider include the peony, hydrangeas and orchids.  Desmond Talbot’s designers are especially fond of the peony because of the strength of the pink colour and the impact this makes in a bouquet and to a bride’s overall presence on her big day.

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