Wedding Flower Trends 2014

The big year has finally arrived: the year of your wedding day! You might have imagined for a long time what you’d like—what sort of dress or flowers you wanted—but styles and trends change all the time, so you may have changed your mind. But what’s a wedding day without flowers? Here we’ve prepared the wedding flower trends of 2014 for all your needs.

The Gilded Lily pink and wedding flowers with ivyAbove, The Gilded Lily wedding florist


Statement Centrepieces

Brides are becoming increasingly adventurous with their centrepieces these days, often going all-out searching for that ‘wow’ factor. You want your guests to be amazed at what they see from the very moment they enter the room, and that’s not a bad thing! Some centrepieces can reach 8 feet in height! With such a large centrepiece it’s easy to create that impressive effect, but remember size doesn’t always matter. Class and quality will always win out!

Flowers by Eve floral centrepiece arrangement in blue and purpleAbove, Flowers by Eve Centrepiece

Bring What’s Outside, Inside

Obviously every flower comes from outside, but this year will see a big trend of bringing an outdoor feel to the indoor wedding. This trend has gathered pace since the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, where they had 20-foot trees lining the aisles of Westminster Abbey. This will be such a key trend that the wedding flower specialists have started stocking unique flower trees to cope with the popularity of this look.

Woodland wedding theme table decorationsAbove, Woodland Pretty Wedding Theme. Also see more in our shop.

White indoor flower arrangement on leafy arch

White indoor flower arrangement with candlesAbove, Laura and Kenneth Real Fairytale Wedding

Vintage is everywhere!

Whether you’re buying furniture or planning a wedding, you’ll see the vintage theme is very much in vogue this year. From shabby chic furniture to vintage wedding gowns, it’s impossible to ignore this trend. Flowers are no different. There’s a strong trend of pastel bouquets with a countryside feel, so if you’re planning a vintage wedding this year you’re in for a treat! Many experts have attributed much of this to the success of the hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’, where vintage, elegance and beauty are in abundance. Obviously this lavish trend is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You could opt for silk flowers to give the same effect at a much lower cost. Faux flowers are much more popular these days, and the quality of them means it’s much harder to detect that they’re fake.

Just Your Style vintage style flower bouquet with roses and pearlsAbove, flower bouquet by Just Your Style

Rustic Flower Arrangements with Pink RosesAbove, Gemma and Richard’s Real Wedding

Classic Roses

Still a massive wedding favourite, classic roses have lasted the test of time. This year they’ve mounted a comeback, and they’re being used in more imaginative ways. The big switch has been from using rose bouquets to simply using the rose petals to create different effects. They can be used in many design elements, so expect to see them in floating cylinder vases and on table tops at many weddings this year.

Pink rose flower arrangement and bouquetAbove, Alison and Trystan’s Real Wedding

White roses waterfall wedding bouquet held by brideAbove, Joanna and Tristan’s Romantic Country House Real Wedding

Lighten up the night

Flowers are beautiful during the day, but in the dark of night anything that can’t be seen loses its beauty. So use lighting to make your flower displays look extra beautiful at night. It’s 2014, technology is everywhere and this is also the case in the wedding flower industry. Flower specialists are increasingly asked to use remote-controlled lighting among flower displays, thus creating amazing effects when the lighting changes for the evening part of your wedding.

Candlelight venue with table decorations

White roses table flower decorations with candlesAbove, Lucy and Stevie’s Real Wedding

Outdoor decoration tree lights with signAbove, Claire and Conal’s Real Wedding

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