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When it comes to wedding decorations, one of the biggest and most beautiful options is wedding flowers. Roses, carnations, lilies, hydrangeas and all of the other thousands of flower types add colour and life to your celebration. But there’s a new flower trend on the rise: wedding succulents.

Purple wedding succulent | Confetti.co.uk
Purple wedding succulent courtesy of Say I Do Succulents.

Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy leaves that are part of the cactus family. Recently they’ve grown in popularity due to their easy maintenance, and they come in all manner of forms and colours. They can be rather unusual-looking plants, but there’s no denying that they’re distinctive and alluring and can make for an extraordinary wedding statement. From elegant to exotic, they can complement any theme and complete any look. They can be used for all manner of wedding decorations.


Succulent Bouquets

White and blue succulent wedding bouquet with flowers | Confetti.co.uk
A mixed succulent bouquet with blue and white kalonchoe courtesy of Succulently Urban.

Succulents have some of the most amazing colours and shapes and make for wonderful wedding bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids, and the flower girls. When paired with more traditional wedding flowers they look doubly magnificent.

Succulent Hairpieces

Colourful wedding succulents as hairpieces and crowns | Confetti.co.uk
Above, images courtesy of Succulently Urban. Clockwise from the bottom-left: Kiwis and Blossfeldiana comb | Succulent Trio comb | Succulent Hair Crown.

If sparkling, jewelled hairpieces aren’t really your thing and you’d prefer a more natural look, you could wear a succulent attached to a comb or hairpin. They give a beautiful effect!

Succulent Corsages

Chocolate brown wedding succulents corsage on a string of pearls | Confetti.co.uk
Wedding succulents corsage on a string of pearls courtesy of Say I Do Succulents.

Corsages add a beautiful touch to the wedding party—not just the bride, but also the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, the flower girls, and the guests. They really help to complete the look, and succulents are an excellent choice for them. Some of the best finishes come from using a variety of colours and shapes, and when attached to a bracelet of pearls or ribbon they are even more beautiful.

Small wedding succulents as bridesmaid and flower girl corsages | Confetti.co.uk
Above, images courtesy of Succulently Urban. Clockwise from the bottom-left: Prom-Corsage | Large Corsage | Small Corsage on gem bracelet.

Succulent Buttonholes

Wedding succulent blue and pink and green boutonnieres and buttonholes | Confetti.co.uk
Above, clockwise from the bottom right: Succulent Rose | Wedding Boutonnière | Succulent Boutonnière – Succulent Kini 

Buttonholes, or “boutonnieres”, look fantastic on the groom and groomsmen and are traditionally crafted from a single flower or flower bud. But when made from succulents, like corsages, hairpieces and bouquets, they make a wonderful statement. With such a variety of succulents it’s easy to create a buttonhole to suit anybody.

Succulent Centrepieces

Wedding succulents centrepiece with succulents and flowers | Confetti.co.uk
Wedding succulents centrepiece courtesy of Say I Do Succulents.

Centrepieces can be anything you want them to be and are limited only by your creativity and ingenuity. Succulents can be used with arrangements of flowers, or in vases or terrariums, or even arranged in plant pots or birdcages.

Succulent wedding terrariums and arrangements with flowers as wedding centrepieces | Confetti.co.uk
Above, clockwise from the bottom-left: Succulent Arrangement – Urn | Succulent Terrarium Half Moon | Succulent Terrarium Carafe

Succulent Decorations

Wedding succulent cuttings wedding and cake decorations | Confetti.co.uk
Above, Succulent Cuttings for Cake Decorating

Like centrepieces, your wedding decorations can be anything you want them to be. Succulents are very sturdy plants, thriving with little interference and look stunning as cake decorations, table decorations, chair decorations, etc. And, with their wide range of colours and shapes, they fit with almost every theme.

Succulent Favours

Succulent wedding favours and gift ideas | Confetti.co.uk
Above, clockwise from the left: Terracotta 2″ Succulent | Collection of 48 succulents | Heart-o-Succulents Thank You Gift
Wedding Succulents | Confetti.co.uk
Featured above: Mini Mason Jars | Grey Wooden Stakes

Wedding favours often double as place names to help your guests find their seats. Succulents are a very pretty gift idea and look especially great when placed in small pots or teacups. Each one can be unique!

Wedding succulents in teacups with saucers | Confetti.co.uk
Wedding succulents in teacups as wedding favours courtesy of Say I Do Succulents.

Succulents are a wonderful eco-friendly option for your wedding. No matter what you use them for, they will look fantastic while saving materials and money. They are not wasted after the wedding either, for if their roots remain intact they can be planted again and keep on growing!

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