What Does Your Bouquet Say About You?

A bridal bouquet of hand-held flowers is an age old custom that adds beauty, colour and scent to your wedding. You might choose a certain type of bouquet to complement your wedding dress or a particular theme. What you choose says something not just about your personal style but also about how you think. Here are the three most popular bouquets and what your choice really says about you. Plus don’t miss our quick and quirky new quiz!

Autumn Woodland bride hair and make up and bridal bouquet inspiration


Classic floral

Traditional fresh flowers in season are hard to beat for their natural beauty. A long, full-skirted bridal gown looks stunning with a trailing teardrop bouquet while a short, sweet 1950s dress looks sharper with a smaller, hand-held posy.

Bride with red rose bouquet by Bloom Bloom

Bride with red rose round posy by Bloom Bloom

Todich pageantbridalbouquet

Pageant shape by Todich Floral Design

Joanna and Tristan's Romantic Country House Real Wedding Roses Bouquet

Joanna and Tristan’s Romantic Country House Real Wedding

From tightly packed bouquets to long, flowing foliage filled waterfalls of richly coloured blooms to pageant styles and single stems, choosing a floral bouquet says you are a bride with traditional values and classic taste who appreciates the romance and delicate beauty of real fresh flowers and foliage.

Sparkling brooch

For the contemporary bride who is looking for something eye-catching and different to a traditional floral bouquet, a sparkling button or brooch design is a gorgeous alternative.


You can buy brooch bouquets in various styles or, for a more personal touch, you could make your own using a combination of inexpensive  costume jewellery and precious, old family jewels. Beach brides could add in pretty sea shells just as vintage brides could use feathers or pearls.

Perfect for anyone who can’t have fresh flowers and doesn’t want silk, choosing a button or brooch bouquet says you are a creative, lateral-thinking bride who loves sparkle and light and is not afraid to be different.

Lasting silk flowers

If fresh flowers are not for you and the brooches just don’t float your boat, consider a bouquet of lasting silk flowers.

Silk Blooms blue flower bouquet with camper vanSilk Blooms purple centred lily bouquet

Top: Bright aqua blue silk flowers to match the colour scheme | Below: Purple centred white picasso lilies, both by Silk Blooms

Vintage bundle rose in pink and creamClear sparkle heart on needle for bouquet at Confetti Vintage style bree diamante brooch

Vintage bundle rose bouquet in pink and cream | Crystal rose buckle for bouquet | Clear sparkle heart on needle, all Confetti Shop

The beauty of silk flowers is you can have them in almost any colour, even rainbow designs. And after the wedding they could adorn your new home as a precious keepsake from your big day as they will last for years.

Choosing silk flowers says you are a modern bride who is not afraid to push the boundaries of convention to be at the cutting edge of style.

Now take the quiz!

What does your bridal bouquet say about you?

Now for some fun, take our quick and quirky quiz to determine what your bridal bouquet says about you!

Bride with bouquet by Halo and Hobby

Image by Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography


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