Your Perfect Autumn Wedding Flowers

As the summer months wind down at the end of August, many of the romantic summer wedding flowers such as peonies and sweet peas reach the end of their season. If you’re having an autumn wedding, do not despair! There is still a wonderful variety of flowers to choose from for the upcoming months, in gorgeous vibrant colours unique to autumn. Nicola, florist extraordinaire and owner of Flowers by Eve tells us about the top choices for autumn brides.

Autumn Bridal Bouquet Flowers


Images courtesy of Flowers by Eve

Dahlias in bright reds, oranges, yellows and pinks start to come into the market end of July/beginning of August, and are available through September and into October. They are a perfect flower for a wedding! Tie them loosely with raffia or ribbon to make a stunning simple bouquet. Dahlias also work very well as table flowers for your venue decoration – place them in jugs and jam jars with a few daisies and veronicas for a less formal gathering. Or, if you want a more traditional look, choose creamy white dahlias mixed with avalanche roses and hydrangeas to create a soft, romantic ambiance for your wedding day.

Hydrangeas are also the perfect autumn flowers. At the beginning of summer hydrangeas burst into the market with various shades of pinks, blues, purples and greens, but as the summer months go on and August turns into September the blooms fade to softer shades of dusky pink, purples and faded greens, to autumnal reds and coppers as they reach the end of their season.  Just look at the hydrangea plants in the gardens around you to see how the blooms’ heads change into stunning colours as the summer goes on! Having a single hydrangea in the centre of your bouquet, surrounded by other flowers of your choice arranged in a circle, creates a gorgeous and striking bouquet. Full hydrangea bouquets are also perfect for bridesmaids.

Hydrangeas are also great for making your own dried petal confetti, and their autumnal colours are perfect for drying, as colour fades on dry petals – so darker petals are best! They are also practical and biodegradable, which many venues and churches now insist upon.

Don’t forget about freesias – they are at their best in September, and are quite often overlooked, but they have an absolutely gorgeous scent, and look great in tall elegant bouquets or vases with green foliage, all on their own! They can also be used as accents in a bouquet of mixed flowers, and just a few of them are enough to keep the lovely scent about you throughout the day.

September is always a busy month for weddings and with the promise of an Indian summer there is no better time to step away from the soft shades of pinks, creams, mauves and blues of the early summer flowers to rejoice instead in burnt oranges, hot pinks and bright reds. Choose bright yellow sunflowers and gerberas for fun colourful table centrepieces, or hot pink and orange orchids for an Indian summer-themed bouquet. Celebrate the end of summer with vibrant shades of pinks, oranges, yellows and red.

And as always don’t forget the foliage – September is a perfect time to introduce some autumnal themed foliage and berries in to your wedding flowers. Think rosehips, blackberries, hypericum berries and oak leaves in reds, coppers and browns. No wonder many brides choose late August and September to get married with the promise of an Indian summer and the bright colourful flowers available to them!

Flowers by Eve provide beautiful floral designs for weddings and events in London and Surrey. If you would like to know more about Flowers by Eve or would like to book a free consultation please contact Nicola at or by phone at 07977 402 381.

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