Anne and Steve Wedding in the Caribbean

a luxurious honeymoon in Grand Cayman

holiday photos slide show

Who booked your honeymoon?

My husband.


If your husband booked the honeymoon, did he keep it a surprise from you?

Yes – I only found out the destination at check-in!

How long after your wedding did you leave for your honeymoon?

The wedding was on a Saturday and we flew out on Tuesday morning, having stayed in a hotel at Heathrow the night before.

Where did you go?

Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.

How long were you away?

Two weeks.

How much did it cost and what type of holiday was it (all inclusive, self catering, package etc)?

I don’t know, as my husband not only booked it as a suprise but paid for the flights and the accommodation as well. He arranged it independently so booked the flight direct with BA and the accommodation with the owners. It was a beautiful small block of apartments right on the beach, it was self-catering which we prefer to do.

Did you spend the whole holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We hired a car for the second week and drove around the island, however it’s only small – about 22 miles long.

What did you do?

There’s not much sightseeing to do on the island, other than the Turtle Farm and a couple of other attractions, but it was just what we wanted – two weeks of beach, swimming, sunbathing and generally just relaxing! The highlight was the snorkelling – the waters are fantastically clear, it is consistently ranked in the top three dive sites in the world so we spent a lot of time enjoying the underwater life. We also went on a semi-submersible which was much like being in a submarine but only in depths of 5ft or so.

What was a typical day like?

Breakfast on the balcony, a swim in the pool and then sunbathing on the beach interspersed with snorkelling and swimming in the sea – and a lunchtime cocktail or beer at the beach bar! The evenings were varied, we spent half and half going out and staying in. We had a DVD player in the room so it was nice to open a bottle of wine some nights, do a BBQ and just enjoy each other’s company!

How did you and your partner get on?

Really well, we had a great time.

What were the best bits?

Snorkelling definitely and our visit to Stingray City. You can stand on a sand bar with the water about waist high and the stingrays come up and barge into you – it was an amazing and unique experience! They seemed to love being held and stroked, although I guess it was the raw squid that really got their affections!

Were there any worst bits?

We were both ill at the start of the holiday, I was ill on the plane for the entire trip (12 hours!) and Steve caught the stomach bug from me a couple of days later. Unfortunately one of our guests had it during the wedding so we must have caught it from them.

What advice would you give other honeymooners-to-be?

It’s always nice to try to get upgrades on the flight or accommodation if you can – and make the most of any freebies or discounts available to honeymooners only. I also really enjoyed staying in a hotel at the airport the night before, it took away any stresses about travelling to the airport on the same day as the flight. It meant we could really relax when we got there and enjoy an evening together.

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