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Caroline and Jeremy Wedding in Africa

Who booked your honeymoon?

We booked the honeymoon through a company called Imagine Africa.

How long after your wedding did you leave for your honeymoon?

We where married on the Saturday and flow out on honeymoon on the Monday evening.

Where did you go?

South Africa and Mozambique.

How long were you away?

3 weeks.

How much did it cost and what sort of holiday was it (e.g. package, all‐inclusive etc)?

The holiday in total cost £7,500 this was a mixture or half board to all inclusive when we where on safari.

Did you spend the entire holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We travelled around; we flew into Cape Town and spent 4 nights there, we then drove along the garden route and stayed 4 nights in a place called The Craggs, we then flew from George up to Jo’burg were we boarded a plane that took us into Sabi Sands for a Safari for 3 nights, then we flow up to Mozambique for 7 nights at a beach resort.

What did you do?

We explored Cape Town, Table Mountain, Cape Point, we went to a monkey & elephant sanctuary. The safari was jam packed; out on drives & walks, at the resort in Mozambique we chilled out by the beach.

What was a typical day like?

Typically we would explore around Cape Town & The Garden Route, on safari we were out spotting animals and being on the beach. Also eating fantastic food and getting to know the local people.

How did you and your partner get on?

We got along really well and had a wonderful time.

What were the best bits?

One of the highlights to our honeymoon was going on a township tour in Cape Town that was amazing and you felt you got to know the people who were very warm & friendly. We stayed at a hotel called Hog Hollow in The Craggs our room was the old water tower ‐ it was circular with a glass roof so when you went to bed you could see the stars ‐ very romantic. Also being on safari and seeing the animals in their own natural habitat was fantastic we even lucky enough to see a leopard kill.

Were there any worst bits?

There were no bad bits however if we did it again we would certainly stop on the Garden Route as the journey from Cape Town to The Craggs took 6 hours in the car and driving at night was a little scary as the roads are not light and we weren’t too sure where we were going (I am useless at map reading!)

What advice would you give other honeymooners‐to‐be?

Enjoy your honeymoon relax but also go and see the local areas and get to know the local people, especially if you are somewhere like Africa, they have so much to offer and tell you. Be cheeky at the airport and ask for a free upgrade we did and it paid off we flew out to Cape Town in first class :0)

Any other detail/advice/help/stories you would like to share:

We spent a lot of time speaking with different companies about our trip and Imagine Africa where fantastic they didn’t push our budget where some agents had done. Safari is a must, if you are not sure it is wonderful, be aware that the safari drives are last from 2 ‐ 4 hours I hadn’t appreciated that they would be so long.

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