Getting married in Trinidad and Tobago

Why not tie the knot beneath a cascading Caribbean waterfall?

Why get married in Trinidad?

Trinidad and Tobago give you the best of both worlds. Almost all of Trinidad’s hotels and restaurants lie in the foothills around the Port of Spain, while just an hour away is a primeval rain forest, teeming with wildlife. Tobago is still largely unspoilt and where Trinidad beats to the sounds and rhythms of steel drums, Tobago offers the more restrained sounds of the jungle and countryside, and a quietly relaxing lifestyle to match.


What kind of wedding ceremony can I have in Trinidad?

Wedding venues in Trinidad and Tobago include rustic gazebos and beautiful gardens. You can tie the knot within the stunning rain forest or beneath a dramatic waterfall. You can even have your ceremony on board a boat or, for something different, on horse back ‐‐ and, of course, in a church.

Is it wedding weather?

Max temp (°F)*868688909088888890908886
Sunshine hours*788886777777
Rainfall (inches)*422259987898
*Average daily max temp (°F)
*Average daily sunshine hours
*Average monthly rainfall (inches)

What’s the flight time?

8.5 hours

What’s the time difference?

GMT ‐4 hours

Do I need a visa to enter the country?


What’s the wedding paperwork?

  • Residency: You must both be resident in Trinidad and Tobago for a minimum of 3 days before your wedding ceremony but it is important to note that the day of your arrival is not counted in the three‐day period.
  • Proof of ID: You must both produce identification in the form of your original birth certificates and passports and proof of entry documents ‐ airline tickets and immigration cards.
  • Divorced: If you are divorced you must produce your Decree Absolute with court stamp.
  • Widowed: If you are widowed you must produce the Death Certificate of your former spouse.
  • Age restrictions: If you’re under 18, you must obtain parental consent in the form of a Statutory Declaration, which is stamped and signed by a solicitor.
  • Name change: If you have changed your name by Deed Poll you must supply legal proof stamped and signed by a solicitor. This also applies if you are a divorced woman and have reverted back to your maiden name.

How do I obtain a marriage licence?

You should apply for your marriage licence at one of the following offices, taking with you all the necessary documents:

Registrar General’s Office
The Red House
Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
Tel: 00‐868 623 2450

Warden’s Office
Tel: 00‐868 639 2410

Registrar General’s Office
Jerningham Street
Tel: 00‐868 639 3210

There is a fee for the licence, payable in cash or in postage stamps and obtainable from the General Post Office. At the same time you will be required to make an affidavit or statutory declaration declaring that you are single and free to marry.

Where can I find further information?

Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Office
Mitre House
66 Abbey Road
Bush Hill Park
Tel: 020‐8350 1009
Fax: 020‐8350 1011

Trinidad and Tobago Tourist and Industrial Development
PO Box 222
Maritime Centre
29 Tenth Avenue
Tel: 001 868 675 7034/5/6/7


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