Haley and Chris Asia Wedding Story

A proposal in the Maldives

Where did you go on holiday and when did you go?

Kuredu Resort Maldives.

How long were you away for?

One week.

Was this holiday for a special occasion – anniversary, romantic break, engagement proposal etc?

It was a surprise 21st birthday present. While we were there, Chris proposed to me on the beach.

How much did it cost and what type of holiday was it (all inclusive, self catering, package etc)?

It cost around £3000 and was all-inclusive.

Did you spend the entire holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We stayed on the island for the best part of the week, but we made two trips on boats to see neighbouring islands.

What was your accommodation like?

We stayed in a Sangu Water Villa. It was excellent – secluded and romantic.

What did you do?

Watersports and we occasionally walked around the island. We snorkelled a lot too.

What was a typical day like?


Would you return to the same destination?

We both loved it there. Chris proposed on the first night because he couldn’t wait any longer and we had the best week of our lives. We made a life long friend called Firy who was the resort manager and we met lots of people. The food was excellent, nothing to complain about.

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