How To Insure Your Wedding Abroad

It seems this summer has been the summer for getting married abroad for everybody, celebrities included.  It all started with Keira Nightley and James Righton in May and then it snowballed – Tina Turner married her long term partner in Switzerland, Denise Welch married Lincoln Townley in the Algarve, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger married in France in a gothic themed wedding, and Theo Walcott has married his childhood sweetheart in a medieval style themed wedding in Italy.

Bride and Groom in Paris


As many lucky British brides are finding out, you don’t have to be a moneyed celeb to enjoy a wedding abroad! However, one thing you do have to be is smart about it – it’s still an expensive day no matter where it happens and it’s best to be prepared!

You may not realise that you can get coverage in the UK for your wedding abroad. Aside from the obvious advantage of being covered, you spare yourself some possible hassle from foreign companies who may be unreliable, or may not explain clearly what your policy covers (perhaps due to things being “lost in translation”), or you’d have to rely on your wedding planner’s recommendation instead of deciding on your own. Best then to get covered here in the UK and have your worry-free wedding in the sun and surf!

How to buy insurance for your wedding abroad? Emma from Weddingplan says: “You should always look first for the type of coverage that you would get if you were getting wed here in the UK, that is cancellation and rearrangement, failure of suppliers, wedding attire, photos, videos, cake, personal accidents, transport and the rest.”

Weddings abroad come with their own set of arrangements, particularly with important documents. For instance the governing authority in the country you’re getting married in will require certain items of documentation before your wedding can take place – in this case you’ll need Essential Document indemnity to cover any associate travel and accommodation costs associated with obtaining replacements for these documents. These could include passports, birth certificates, visas, and more – all required for a valid marriage abroad.

Once you have decided on your dream location, your next step should be to find out what kind of coverage you can get. Common sense applies here even more than at home-based wedding – a foreign country may bring some surprises along with the sunshine! You wouldn’t go travelling on a holiday without taking out health insurance – and a wedding is even more important. The good news is – as weddings abroad tend to be less expensive than weddings in the UK, the level of coverage will be adjusted accordingly.

Be sure to ask all the questions you have and choose the level of coverage that’s ideal for you – and you’re ready to get on that plane and fly off into the sunshine!

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