Juliana and Richard Asia Wedding Story

A scenic, calm, romantic honeymoon in Malaysia

Who booked your honeymoon?

We arranged our honeymoon ourselves because we wanted everything to be perfect. We booked the flights over the internet and contacted the hotel ourselves.

How long after your wedding did you leave for your honeymoon?

We went on our honeymoon after our second wedding (we first got married in Edinburgh and then travelled to Malaysia to have a second wedding there). About three days after the Malaysian wedding that we flew to Langkawi Island (which is also in Malaysia).


Where did you go?

We went to the beautiful Langkawi Island in Malaysia and we stayed at the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort. It was a beautiful place – very calm, romantic and serene – a little place of heaven on earth. The hotel was magnificient, the staff were so friendly and attentive and the surroundings were breathtaking. Our room was chalet style with a view of the sea. The tall French windows opened up to our balcony and our own little private beach. The restaurant prepared glorious food and the whole atmosphere was enchanting.

How long were you away?

We were away for five nights.

How much did it cost and what type of holiday was it (all inclusive, self catering, package etc)?

It was a tailor made holiday for us. We stayed in a five star hotel, in one of their most exclusive rooms and on one of the worlds most beautiful islands. Everything was inclusive! Fantastic!

Did you spend the whole holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We were out in Malaysia for almost three weeks in totaly. As well as Langkawi, we went around Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and Singapore visiting my side of the family and friends.

What did you do?

While we were in Langkawi we had a lot of time to relax. We went fishing, went to a nearby island to snorkel and hired a car and drove around the island. Most of the time, we sunbathed, ate, drank and basked in the glow of being newlyweds… ahhh.. heaven!

What was a typical day like?

Typical day? I don’t think any of the days we were out there were typical at all! The sun was shining, the sky was bright, the sea was jewelled like….

How did you and your partner get on?

We got on great seeing it is our honeymoon. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other that’s for sure!

Any other detail/advice/help/stories you would like to share:

Make sure you research the places where you want to go thoroughly. Particularly make sure you find out about things like vaccinations, visas and currencies. These things are vital!

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