Lisa and Paul Wedding abroad
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Lisa and Paul Wedding abroad

Honeymoon in Mexico

Lisa and Paul's honeymoon photos slide show  

Who booked your honeymoon?

Both of us chose the honeymoon.

How long after your wedding did you leave for your honeymoon?

We flew out to Mexico one week afterour wedding to allow us time to sort everything out.

Where did you go?

Crown Paradise Club, Cancun, Mexico.

How long were you away?

A whole two weeks – kid free!

How much did it cost and what type of holiday was it (all inclusive, self catering, package etc)?

All inclusive. Upgraded to club superior room (double Jacuzzi in room, adult only part of hotel) cost £2800.

Did you spend the whole holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We travelled around, saw the sights, swam with dolphins, went on a few excursions, and tried out the millions of bars there.

What did you do?

Relaxed on beach and by the pool. Saw Chitchen Itza (ancient ruins). Went on a boat trip around the lagoon. Swam with Dolphins. Saw a Caribbean show. There is so much to do out there.

What was a typical day like?

Up early to put towels on sunbeds, breakfast, sunbathe and swim, of course drinking, lunch, more sunbathing and swimming, go back to room for siesta, wash and change, tea, hit the town!

How did you and your partner get on?

It was so nice to have quality time together (rare at home with hectic life and two children).

What were the best bits?

There were so many, but I think best of all was my life time dream to swim with the dolphins. It was amazing!

Were there any worst bits?

Three days of rain 🙁 We were still able to walk around in shorts and vest tops though! That was the time to go shopping!

What advice would you give other honeymooners-to-be?

Enjoy every minute of it. It’s a once in a lifetime holiday, where you can really push the boat out.


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