Marrying abroad

Weddings vows to say it your way ‐‐ outside the UK

If you decide to get married abroad, whether you can use your own vows or not will depend on the country and religion.

For instance, in the Bahamas, you can get married in church or in a civil ceremony. If you contact your registrar in advance, it may be possible to discuss adding your own vows to the civil ceremony. The US is very flexible about vows, but if you’re going to get married by Elvis or a NYC judge, don’t expect to get more than the standard declarations. However, for a more elaborate arrangement you’ll be expected to write your own personalised statements.

If you’re getting married in Europe, the ceremony will be in the native language. Bear in mind they won’t be a direct translation of the UK vows. You do have to understand the vows you are making, so if you don’t want a translator, then it is advisable to obtain a copy of the vows from your co‐ordinator of the embassy beforehand, in order to familiarise yourself with the wording of the promises you will be making.

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