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Portugal Wedding Venues

Portugal is becoming an increasingly popular destination for couples who wish to host their wedding abroad. And with beautiful Portugal wedding venues sitting astride blue seas and open skies, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming such a sought-after location.

Bride and Groom Walk on the Beach |
The bride and groom walk along the beach in Portugal. Image courtesy of Sparkling Moments, a wedding planner in Portugal.

Portugal is a growing favourite wedding destination since the Portuguese government changed a law that now allows non-residents to get married there. Having a wedding abroad has just become easier, and in Portugal it can often be less expensive than at home in the UK. Weddings abroad are far more affordable than some people think!

Portugal Wedding Photography by Algarve |
Beautiful photos of a real wedding in Portugal by Algarve Wedding Photography.

Above, images from Kirsten and Jordi’s Real Wedding in Portugal.

Portugal is a fantastic place to get married with its beautiful coastlines and charming towns and villages. It’s a country with many features, from hills and valleys to mountains and rivers, waterfalls and beaches. And the magnificent sunny weather is an added bonus! Even in winter the sun still shines.

Portugal Wedding Venues |
Portugal wedding venues are perfect for weddings abroad.

Above, images by Sparkling Moments – Portugal and Vila Gale Hotels – Vila Gale Albacor

You have a huge choice of spectacular wedding venues scattered across the width and breadth of the country, from stylish resorts to a traditional church. Portugal has a large percentage of Catholics, so a church will not be difficult to find as your venue choice, and there are luxury hotels available everywhere. For example, hotels like the Conrad Algarve Hotel (shown below) offer modern, five star luxury for large and small celebrations and have the facilities to make your wedding the best it can be.

You may even wish to host your wedding in a pousada—a privately owned establishment that’s something of a hybrid between a bed and breakfast and a hotel—or a classy restaurant, a beautiful villa, or a historic site. Furthermore, there are always the outdoor-wedding options, where you could hold your wedding on a beach, on a cliff top, or under a marquee. All offer gorgeous backdrops for photos, and memories you will never forget.

Portugal Wedding Venues |
Stunning interiors in the Conrad Algarve Hotel in Portugal.

To have a wedding in Portugal is a special thing, for you can surround yourself in a wonderful new culture; enjoy new music, food and drink—Portugal is famed for its wine and port, which will no doubt be a real treat for you and your guests during your reception.

Portugal Wedding Catering |
Experience new tastes with Portuguese food and drink.

Above, image courtesy of Luxury Algarve Weddings – Portugal

But some people worry that a wedding abroad will cause more stress during wedding planning. If you fear the same, you could consider hiring a wedding planner, perhaps based in Portugal. (Confetti have a number of wedding planners abroad listed in our directory for Portugal, and indeed a number of suppliers based in Portugal, including wedding photographers.) Country-based suppliers are invaluable in planning your wedding, for they will often know the language.

Make yourself aware of the laws in Portugal, and take heed of the different wedding services they provide. Not all ceremonies legally marry you and your partner—the correct paperwork must be done, for example, and some ceremonies are only symbolic. Also, the wedding ceremony will take place in Portuguese in order to make it fully legal. Consider hiring a translator.

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