Practicalities: Things to Think About for Your Wedding Abroad

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Planning a wedding abroad is a truly exciting experience! You might be wondering what you need to think about when it comes to planning the details for your wedding abroad, so we’ve teamed up with the wedding experts at TUI to give you some practical advice when planning a destination wedding.


Guests at Your Wedding Abroad

Asking your guests to travel for a wedding abroad is a big ask, but it’s one that many of your loved ones will be delighted to undertake. A destination wedding truly prolongs the celebration as quite often, everyone travels together and the festivities can be extended to encompass everyone’s stay.

Send Your Save the Dates ASAP

Make sure you send out your save the dates to your guests as soon as you can – ideally once you’ve booked your wedding abroad. This will allow your friends and families plenty of notice to book their time off work and make their travel plans accordingly.

Some TUI hotels will offer day passes for guests who aren’t staying at the same hotel as you, whilst others will ask that a certain number of your wedding guests stay at the same place as you.

Go Live

Talk to your coordinator about setting up a livestream of your wedding day so your friends and family at home who couldn’t travel can still enjoy being part of your wedding day.

The Hotel

Your hotel is your home away from home for your destination wedding – it’s where you’ll wake up and get ready ahead of your festivities so you need to make sure it’s everything you need it to be.

Getting Ready

Lots of couples find it useful to book an extra room to get ready in on the big day. This is an especially good idea if you have a larger bridal party and might need more space, or if you want to follow tradition and spend the night before your wedding apart too.

If you don’t want to book a separate room, consider arranging for you or your partner to get ready on the morning in the room of the best man or maid of honour.

Treat Yourself

Why not book the honeymoon suite for the ultimate luxury experience at your wedding abroad? You could also consider upgrading once you’re there, but free upgrades are never guaranteed and it’s best to book in advance if you want to ensure you feel like A-listers during your stay!

What to Wear

Your wardrobe choices for your wedding abroad will depend on your destination, so it’s important to consider that when you plan.

Keep it Cool

If you’re planning on a beach ceremony, consider linen suits and light flowy dresses to keep everyone cool. You should think carefully about your footwear too – smart shoes and fancy heels aren’t compatible with sand.

Hair & Make Up Tips

Do your research on what the climate is like and plan your beauty regime accordingly. Heavy foundations aren’t compatible with hot weather, so try out some lightweight BB creams and be sure to pack a waterproof mascara.

It’s also worth thinking about your hair – how does it react to heat and humidity? Try out some products that will keep your hair in place without weighing it down too much.

Avoid Tan Lines

It’s hard to not pick up a bit of a tan when you’re staying in a sunny destination, but make sure you apply sun cream to avoid burning, and be extra careful of tan lines. It’s worth looking for swimwear with the same neckline as your wedding outfit to make sure you won’t have any odd tan lines on display in your wedding photos!


It’s so exciting embarking on an adventure abroad, but you need to make sure you’re especially prepared when you’re travelling to your destination wedding.

Look After Yourself

Flying is super fun, but it can take its toll on your skin. Make sure you stay hydrated on your flight (that means drinking water as well as the celebratory prosecco!) so you can ensure your skin will look its best on your big day.

Talking of celebratory prosecco, you can also pre-order a chilled bottle of fizz and some chocolates for the plane journey, so you can really travel in style – what better way to start your wedding celebrations?

Extra Luggage

Handily, TUI provide a plane-friendly wedding outfit box with every booking, so you can carry your precious bridal outfits as hand luggage. You can also invest in a few more if you need them for the rest of your bridal party.

You also don’t want to have to worry about packing light for your wedding – wedding couples who book their weddings with TUI get an extra 5kg of luggage each!


There are a few things to think about when it comes to your ceremony at a destination wedding. From the time of day to the location, TUI has practical advice for you.

Time of Day

If your wedding is taking place in a particularly hot destination, you might want to consider having a sunset ceremony. Not only is it extra romantic and picturesque, but it will be cooler for you and your guests too. Your TUI wedding planner will be able to advise on this.


One of the great things about booking your wedding abroad with TUI is the choice you get. Lots of wedding destinations offer you a range of choices, including where your ceremony takes place.

You could say your vows on a mountainside, and enjoy breath-taking panoramic views, or go barefoot in the sand with the sound of waves lapping at the shore as you say your vows. It’s worth considering what is most practical for you and your guests. Talk to the wedding experts at TUI to find out more about how to make this a reality.


If you want your wedding ceremony to be truly intimate, consider arranging for it to take place within your hotel’s grounds. There are beautiful gardens available, and you’re guaranteed more privacy for your special moment.

To find out more about booking your wedding abroad with TUI, head to their website.

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