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Taking your Wedding Dress Abroad

Getting married abroad is so exciting but travelling with your precious wedding dress can be a risky undertaking. You don’t want it to arrive badly creased or worse – damaged or even lost. Here are your essential expert tips for taking your wedding dress abroad by The Empty Box Company: specialists in handmade wedding travel boxes for 27 years.

 Travel box by the Empty Box Company


Last year, airlines mishandled 21 million bags; an improvement on previous years, but still not good enough if you are a bride getting married abroad, and your wedding dress is in lost luggage!

Keep calm and carry it on

So what’s the answer? Cue The Empty Box Company who specialise in wedding dress boxes, allowing you to carry your wedding dress on the plane as hand luggage. Recommended by reputable travel agencies,Empty Box  travel boxes fit within all airline dimensions so that brides can keep their dress with them at all times during the journey and relax as they travel, rather than anxiously waiting to see if their luggage case comes out of the hold.

The wedding travel boxes come with packing instructions; acid free tissue and a clever cord handle system that holds the lid on as you walk. They also look great; brides can choose from a fabulous range of designs and feel a million dollars as they walk through the airport with their dress or outfit in a stunning travel box.

Made from special, very sturdy, pH neutral board, these travel boxes will protect and preserve the dress after the day, so that you can store the dress for years to come, without it discolouring. Empty Box Company

Top 10 Tips for taking your wedding dress abroad

  1. Don’t panic; your dress will only be packed for travelling for a day or so, and can remain perfect if well looked after.
  2. Travel with your dress or outfit as hand luggage. Don’t risk putting it in the hold.
  3. Pack it in a really sturdy, protective breathable box that will survive any bumps and spillage.
  4. Pack the dress with plenty of acid-free tissue paper to minimise creasing.
  5. Pack your dress separately from any toiletries or makeup, in case of leaks.
  6. On arrival at your destination, take your dress out and hang it somewhere safe, fluffing up any layers.
  7. Wedding destination hotels usually offer a pressing service; if you have any concerns with creases they will be able to help.
  8. Consider carefully when choosing your style of dress. It is better for it to travel as hand luggage, so it needs to fit the size restrictions allowed by airlines. Plus, a full dress with lots of layers can be very hot in sunny climates.
  9. If you do have a dress with many layers, it might be possible to ask for cabin space, or some brides purchase an extra airline seat.
  10. Choose a beautiful box that you love, and can keep and preserve your dress in after the wedding is over.

Travel box by the Empty Box Company

For more information about how to travel with or store your wedding dress safely please visit The Empty Box Company.

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