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The Greek island of Lefkada is a hidden gem in the turquoise Ionian seas, dotted with tranquil, romantic villages, a wealth of history and some of the most beautiful beaches around. Located just off the western coast of Greece, it was once the idyllic playground of the rich and famous and now you can get married there! Naomi Jane Adams, the owner of Book On In Lefkada and the only destination wedding and events planner based in the UK and Lefkada, explains why it is known as ‘paradise on earth’ and is the new ‘must go to’ Greek Island for your wedding abroad.



Lefkada, with its stunning award-winning beaches, famous water sport activities, yacht charters and stunning inland walks, was once a hidden hideaway reserved for the glitterati, frequented by royalty and celebrities. There are magical waterfalls and villages full of character serving delicious Greek cuisine plus great nightlife, it really does have everything. Most importantly, it is easily accessible, with weekly charter flights taking only 3 hours from most UK airports to Preveza, Aktion Airport, located just 15 minute drive from Lefkas Town, and even more flights are planned for 2014.

Your wedding in Lefkada

• As a price guide, including the wedding planning and legal fees, you are likely to make approximately a 50% reduction in your budget when compared with marrying in the United Kingdom!

• As Lefkada is a fairly new destination for weddings and events it is advisable to call on the expertise of a local events planner as they know the island well and have built a good working relationship with the local establishments. They will also be able to help you with any foreign language and communication difficulties that could arise.

• Only couples where both members are followers of the Greek Orthodox Church can marry at the island’s churches or monasteries. All other weddings are held in the Town Hall, however there is an exclusive arrangement with Book On In Lefkada for UK couples to marry anywhere else on the island or even on a yacht at sea!

• Planning a wedding in Greece and arranging all your legal documentation yourselves can be tricky – just one error can mean a resubmission and end up costing you dearly. It could also take up to three months to complete without assistance. A wedding planner will work with the top Greek-approved translator for all legal documentation with a fast-tracked 14 day turnaround.

• To marry on the Island of Lefkada you are required to arrive and be resident for two weeks before the wedding ceremony. Again, a special arrangement exists where your wedding planner will be able to arrange all the required paperwork on your behalf with the Town Hall and Vice Mayor’s Office, which would enable you to travel to the island during the week of your wedding and bypass the residency requirement!

Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches in Europe and translates as ‘Port of the Goat’ because once only goats could reach it. Recently the American star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer, visited the world famous beach and said:

“It’s so magical. Porto Katsiki was just AMAZING… The beach, the views, the colors were out of this world.”

Mrs Zoe Skiada, Lefkada Vice Mayor says:

“We welcome all UK couples to our beautiful island. Lefkada is already a well known wedding destination for couples from Greece and a fantastic choice for UK couples looking for a place less ordinary. We will work with your local wedding planner to ensure you have a memorable day and a perfect honeymoon for both yourselves and your wedding guests.”


You can be sure of luxury accommodation and even high standard budget accommodation so your guests will have a magical holiday too.

Many events start in the early evening or late afternoon when the temperatures are cooler and the celebration will last as long as you want. The season runs from May until the end of October with many couples choosing to marry in May, June, September or October when the temperatures are not as extreme as the high season in July and August, or as busy with the peak summer tourist trade.

If marrying on the west coast of Lefkada, your ceremony and photographer can be arranged in line with the world famous sunsets for some truly stunning wedding photos.

Book On In Lefkada is an established travel agent, wedding and events planning and yacht charter business based in the UK with long time local links to Lefkada and beyond, offering wedding planning from bespoke to ultimate luxury. The planners only work with selected tried and tested venues, accommodation, operators and excursion elite to ensure you receive the highest quality whatever your budget.

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