Why Marry Abroad?

According to new stats, 20% of couples now decide to wed abroad. Is it a cunning ploy to leave unwanted family members behind? A yearning for sun, sea and beach backdrops, given the fact British legislation doesn’t allow UK couples to marry in the open air? Or just because it’s more affordable than ever before?


Sharon from Weddings Solutions – a company that helps couples find wedding destinations abroad, believes the answer is simple: “It’s much cheaper, better weather, and no interference from the in-laws!”

The main motivation for many brides, however, seems to be cost. “It’s a darn sight cheaper plus you’re almost guaranteed the weather! My daughter got married in Gibraltar, close enough to home for people to afford and there was far less stress!!!” say Sally Reynolds.

Kelly Jane Ahern agrees. “We got married in Tsilivi in June and it was beautiful!! Didn’t stress about the weather as it was late 30’s. It was like a two week celebration with family.”

Cost was the deciding factor for Jo Dorrington as well. “We are getting married in Cyprus in 12 days! We chose it because it was cheaper, you get better weather and seeing as I grew up there and my family live there I couldn’t imagine any other place!”

But it’s not always that cheap to get married abroad. New research has shown that it can even work out more expensive in the long run.

Celebrate good times

Families are an important part of weddings abroad it seems. Especially for Steph Wright  who is going to wed in Santorini next year. “We would love all of our family there,” begins Steph. “And did originally book the traditional English wedding, but the cost was creeping up and up so we cancelled it all and rebooked for Santorini. 2 weeks in the sun, 5-star luxury and our wedding for a quarter of the cost. And the bonus is we still have quite a few family members coming with us. Those who can’t make it will be at our party when we get home. It was the best option for us and our families understand that.”

Sometimes getting married abroad just feels right. It did for Helen Boden. “We’re getting married in Rhodes in June. He proposed to me whilst on holiday and it seemed right to get married there. I just want a small intimate wedding so getting married abroad is ideal. Hoping to have a party when we get back for those who can’t make it – at least I can wear my dress twice!”

Brighter shores

“We are getting married in Tsilivi next year in June!” smiles Amelia Bannister. “Time is flying, looking forward to having all the family out there.There are 38 of us booked so far so can work out cheap abroad but think it depends how many people you have to pay for etc.”

Whatever your reason for taking your nuptials abroad, it’s a trend that is on the up and one that is sure to get more popular for now.

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