Why Tobago is the Ultimate Undiscovered Romantic Destination

It’s been a long, tough pandemic, and it’s due to be a long, cold winter, so it’s only natural to look forward to a regenerating romantic getaway with your partner. Whether it’s for the ultimate fairy-tale proposal, an anniversary celebration, minimoon, or the big day itself, Tobago is the ultimate undiscovered idyllic destination for couples.

Romance at its core

There’s a reason why Tobago is considered one of the world’s most romantic destinations (and best kept secrets). With its year-round sunshine, secluded picture-perfect beaches, and breath-taking backdrops – Tobago makes for the perfect romantic destination wedding location.


The island is made for two with stunning scenery, romantic bolt-hole accommodation and many on-island services which offer wedding planning packages, giving couples the opportunity to have their destination wedding, their way. But there’s so much more to see and do if you’re after adventure…

In fact, there are heaps of opportunities for couples to fully immerse themselves into the vibrant culture, fascinating heritage and history across the island, not to mention the brilliant culinary (think crab and dumplings) and more romantic exploits.

Remember, the ceremony is just one aspect of your destination wedding so while you want the most beautiful picturesque backdrop possible, you’ll also want plenty of activities to keep you and your guests entertained after you tie the knot.

The wide array of water activities perfect for creating life-long memories with the ones you love on the island’s stunning secluded beaches include water adventures ranging from diving, paddle-boarding and kayaking to boat trips and sunset catamaran cruises. We don’t need to tell you that sunsets make for romantic backdrops, but there’s something extra special about the paradisal views to be found in Tobago.

Wellness comes first

In Tobago weddings and wellness go hand in hand, giving couples the chance to kick off married life in the most relaxing and rejuvenating way. And the lead-up to the wedding doesn’t need to be stressful either as the bride and groom can take full advantage of the island’s tranquillity and laid-back mentality and put wellness at the top of their agenda.

There’s nothing quite like a trip to a spa for ultimate wellness, but while in Tobago why not let Mother Nature treat you to her signature back massage under the pure Argyle Waterfalls – a picturesque three-tier drop into a refreshing natural pool? And then prolong your serenity and sense of togetherness with a lovely boat trip and romantic picnic on Lover’s Bay beach…

Enjoy the perfect place to hide out and reconnect in Tobago’s lush and protected rainforest. Venture beyond the treeline and you’ll be rewarded with glimpses of the island’s natural wildlife and chances for thrilling eco-adventures. Be at one with nature, watching the white-tailed sabrewing hummingbird and the rufous-vented chachalaca, or cocrico, (Tobago’s national bird) – just two of the island’s 260 bird species. Think unforgettable days out that will still leave you feeling rested and refreshed when you head home.

In fact, you can find everything in Tobago for your romantic getaway, from the classy to unique, to the simple and low-key – it’s time to discover the undiscovered and combine your wedding with wellness.

Feeling inspired? You can find out more and plan your perfect romantic getaway on the Tobagobeyond website.

Say yes to romance and a destination wedding in the unspoilt, untouched and undiscovered paradise isle of Tobago…

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