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Atelier Rahman Launched a Tuxedo Gown for Men at The National Wedding Show

Were you at The National Wedding Show in Manchester on the 9th and 10th March? If you caught the catwalk show you would have seen something pretty spectacular! If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out…

Bespoke tailoring company Atelier Rahman launched their tuxedo gown for men on the runway, and it’s safe to say it’s been a hit with brides and grooms across the UK!



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Who caught this showstopper? @arsuits launched their men’s wedding gown at The National Wedding Show last weekend ✨

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Ansar from Atelier Rahman spoke to us about their inspiration and how it felt to show it at The National Wedding Show: “At Atelier Rahman, our inspiration comes from the simple fact that grooms have a limited choice in the market place and often selecting that special outfit is a last-minute decision. The tuxedo gown was our way of challenging established norms where white is almost exclusively the reserve of the bride and a ‘flowing gown’ most definitely is.

“As weddings are about two people coming together, Atelier Rahman firmly believe both parties should have equal emphasis before and during their wedding day. Just like brides, grooms too should have a wide choice and enjoy the experience of having a tailored outfit designed especially for them that befits the occasion.

“Bridalwear is about fulfilling lifelong dreams and fantasies. Similarly, we thoroughly enjoy bringing groom outfits from concept to reality and have produced a huge variety over the years. As well as our staple traditional lounge and morning suits in tweeds and merino wool, themed weddings have been particularly popular with Atelier Rahman grooms. From Disney Prince Charming to Dr Who and Game of Thrones inspired outfits, there are simply too many to list.

“A huge thank you to The National Wedding Show team for doing a superb job in supporting the Atelier Rahman team before, during and after the event. Similarly thanks to the Skin London team and their models Andrew and Ishmael who brought our creations to life – in fact, reflecting back on the shows and the audience reactions, it’s testimony and evident to see how the boys walked differently wearing Atelier Rahman outfits…elegant and sophisticated!

“It has been a superb team experience and we have already started planning our next catwalk, so cannot wait to start the process again.”

Tuxedo gown for men

Comments from fans include (sic):

‘Just gotta find someone and I’ll be flying around in that.’

‘It’s what any good husband would do. Really kick the marriage off well!’

‘It would be perfect. I’m ordering now…’

So what do you think, would you or your partner consider rocking a tuxedo gown?

There’s one more National Wedding Show to go this season – book your tickets for the London ExCeL National Wedding Show here.

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