Avocado proposals

Avocados: The Proposal Trend Sweeping the Internet

Over the past few days, it’s been impossible to ignore this growing trend in the world of weddings. No, we’re not talking about doughnut walls or unusual photo booths…but instead, avocado proposals.

Avocados are definitely having a moment – you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing one spread on toast, and we were all unreasonably excited when Apple introduced the avocado emoji, but we never expected they’d take the place of a ring box – even at the most creative of wedding proposals.


Engagement ring embedded in an avocado
Avocado proposal

If you love this trend though and have been avidly liking every avocado picture that pops up on your feed in the hope of getting such a proposal, you’re in luck.

Supermarket chain Asda is making it easier than ever to propose the millennial way – by pointing out which avocados are ‘perfect for proposal’ with a specially designed sticker.

Avocados with the 'perfect for proposals' sticker
Asda’s ‘perfect for proposals’ avocado sticker

It’s hard enough to pick out the perfect avocado for lunch – you don’t want it to be too ripe or too firm – so when you’re choosing one to embed a diamond ring into, there’s a lot to consider.

Asda’s proposal avocados are based on their own take on the Four Cs, which everyone knows are crucial considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring. And doesn’t the perfect avocado demand the same level of thought?

Avocado Proposals Four Cs

Clapham Junction’s branch of Asda has its own Avocado Expert, Adrian Kurzynski. He explains the Four Cs for avocado selection:


“Hue is key. If you’re proposing with your avocado immediately, pick one with dark green to purple-y brown skin.”


“The avocado should have a firm but malleable outer-casing, free from scratches or blemishes, with a bumpy, alligator-like skin.”


“Choose a pear-shaped avocado to slice vertically straight down each side through the middle, until you hit the pit, making a symmetrical cut. To extract the pit, slide a spoon between the seed and the fruit, and gently work it out of the flesh, leaving a circle for the ring to take centre stage.”


“The avocado should have a soft, smashable flesh, but not be over-ripe, as it will risk mess on the ring. Best to opt for a firm feel to cushion the ring in place and keep it standing proudly.”

Avocado proposal taking place in Asda
Avocado proposal taking place in Asda

What would you say to an avocado proposal? These ‘perfect for proposal’ avocados are available in the Clapham Junction branch of Asda and cost from 50p per avocado. If you’d prefer something a little more traditional to propose with, check out our selection of beautiful ring boxes, ring pillows and holders.

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