Billie Faiers has Given Us a Sneak Peek at Her Gorgeous Wedding Favours

It feels like we’ve been obsessing over Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd’s Maldives wedding for years now, and you know what? We’re still not done!

From the first glimpse of her sultry Berta wedding dress to stalking her Maldives honeymoon on Instagram, Billie’s wedding has given us so much inspiration for our own weddings, we’ll never be able to thank her enough.

Just when we thought she couldn’t share anything more from her amazing wedding, Billie took to Instagram to shown off the favours she had made for all of her guests, and they were every bit as well thought out as you’d expect.

We’re not talking lovely homemade fudge or cute macarons – no no, Billie’s guests all received a personalised poem!

Billie shared photos of her own poem, as well as daughter Nelly’s, and they may well have brought a little tear to our eyes.

The reality star hired amazing poem writing company Word It Rhyme the write the personalised poems, but seeing as we don’t quite have Billie’s wedding budget, it seems like we’ll be slaving over our notepads for the foreseeable future, attempting to write clever rhymes about all of our guests…

Not convinced by personalised poems? Check out our round up of alternative wedding favours with the wow factor.

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