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Billie Faiers Shares the Reality of Post-Wedding Blues

It’s been a few months since Billie Faiers and her partner Greg tied the knot in The Maldives, and the Mummy Diaries star has just revealed she’s still suffering with post-wedding blues.

In an Instagram post that we’re sure lots of brides can relate to, Billie lamented that despite having got married back in March, she still can’t stop looking at her wedding photos.


Sharing a photo of herself on the big day, wearing a white bridal swimsuit and a Mrs. tiara, Billie wrote: “Oh how I wish we could do it all again … ?????I always look through all of my photos of our wedding … is this normal !?? ???‍♀️??‍♀️ I think I’m still suffering with the wedding blues … ??”

Billie’s followers were quick to reassure her it’s totally normal to keep on looking at her wedding photos, commenting supporting messages such as: “I still do this 13years on ?”, “Totally normal, 3yrs this October and I still do it, don’t think I’ll ever stop and I don’t want to either ❤️” and “I was wondering the same, mine was 15 months ago! Good to see so many others are the same! ??❤️”

We bet Billie feels better knowing she’s not alone, and we have to say, if we’d had a wedding like hers, we’d be sharing the photos and looking through them for the rest of our lives!

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