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Bride Furious After Her Mother-in-Law Buys a White Gown to Wear to Her Wedding

It’s the number one rule of wedding etiquette! Never ever wear a white dress to a wedding if you are not the bride. So what happens when your mother-in-law does just that?

A UK bride that was due to get married in July was left furious after she discovered that her mother-in-law bought a ruffled white dress to wear on her wedding day. And what’s worse is that her mother-in-law was there when she picked her wedding dress- a ruffled wedding dress!


The bride took to Facebook to share her frustration and wrote in a wedding shaming group about the incident. She wrote, “Okay so this is about my wedding to happen in July. This is what the mother of the groom is wearing. Am I being totally out of order or is this too white? Like my dress has ruffles and she was there when I picked it and she has JUST sent me this.’”


She also shared a screenshot of WhatsApp messages between the pair. The messages show the mother-in-law reassuring the bride that the dress “is definitely silver grey” to which the bride replied, “as long as it isn’t white, I love it.” However, on further inspection, the bride replied, “Okay honestly it looks really white, I don’t want to be that girl/crazy bride, but I’d love it if it wasn’t so white.”

WhatsApp Messages

People on Facebook who saw the image were quick to reassure the bride that her frustrations were valid. One user even commented, “I think if she wants to wear that specific dress then fine, but she’s going to have to pick another colour” and another wrote, “Too bridal for sure.”

The bride returned to the discussion to say, “My fiancé is going to be having some words, I will update when that has happened.”

Do you agree with the bride? Let us know, and while you’re at it check out our what to wear to a wedding: etiquette and latest style guide.

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