This Couple Borrowed Rescue Kittens for Their Wedding

Recently happily married couple Colleen and Iz had the purr-fect idea for their Seattle wedding: kitten hour! After donating to Seattle Animal Shelter the cat-loving couple received a litter of kittens to borrow for their wedding… and their guests absolutely loved it!

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Couple holding rescue kittens at wedding

Images by Kendall Shea from Fuck Yeah Weddings.

Colleen and Iz adore their cats, Ladybird and Pangur Ban, but because they couldn’t attend their special day the couple decided to entertain their guests with kittens instead. The furry friends proved to be a great ice-breaker and really got the guests chatting as well as being a great way of putting any nerves at ease. The wedding was also a great opportunity to raise money for the shelter as guests had the opportunity to donate then and there.

Guests holding rescue kittens at wedding

We spoke with photographer Kendall Shea – who captured the stunning images of the excited guests and happy couple – to find out more about the day. “Colleen and Iz had the perfect social hour before their ceremony,” Kendall explained. “Everyone was full of joy, showing off the kittens they were holding to others and passing them around.”

Guests holding rescue kittens at wedding

Guests holding rescue kittens at wedding

Kendall struggled watching all the guests cuddling the kittens without getting involved herself. At one point Kendall couldn’t resist temptation any longer and asked a guest to take her camera so she could have a picture with the kittens.

The kittens brightened up the wedding photos too: “Colleen bringing one of the kittens in for family and group photos was probably one of the sweetest moments,” explained Kendall. “Family and friends of all ages couldn’t help but melt when these cuties mewed at them and snuggled in.”

Iz and Colleen’s story has inspired others to adopt the kittens, Kendall told us: “I did end up adopting a kitten shortly after their wedding from the Seattle Humane Society, and I personally know of two others who have also been inspired by Colleen and Iz to adopt two of the kittens!”

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