New Confetti Study Shows 9/10 Couples Are Not Cancelling Their Wedding Plans

Confetti recently launched a survey to gain a deeper insight into the impact of Covid-19 on weddings for UK couples and business. The goal of this survey was to help gather important data for the wedding industry and to shine a spotlight on the struggles many couples are facing due to an unexpected delay for their wedding day. The survey gathered data from 4,152 wedding planning couples to find out how they are coping, what they are worried about and how the wedding industry as a whole can help to ease the stress on couples having to postpone their wedding due to Covid-19.


The survey revealed many promising statistics – with the majority of couples looking to the future and planning around a new wedding date and a postponed honeymoon.

9/10 Couples are Not Cancelling Their Wedding Plans

59% of those surveyed admitted to feeling slightly anxious to very anxious about their impending wedding because of Covid-19. From rescheduling their big day to changing venues, it’s only normal that many couples have felt a bit overwhelmed. The great news however is that over 80% of couples have reported receiving very good or good support from their wedding suppliers during these difficult times. So if you have been feeling worried about your own wedding day then speak to your other half or a close friend and make sure you speak to your suppliers to see how they can help.

71% of Couples Are Sticking to Their Original Wedding Budget

With many people across the country facing financial hardship, it’s a surprise to see that 71% of couples have not reduced their wedding budget. In times of economic crisis, it appears that weddings are still seen as a valuable event, with couples not wanting to compromise the budget set aside for their special day. 

94% of Couples Are Still Planning a Honeymoon

Despite various travel bans and uncertainty around overseas travel, 94% of wedding planning couples told us that they are still preparing to go on honeymoon. 73% of those surveyed had stuck with their original destination of choice, albeit at a slightly postponed date whilst over 50% expressed their desire to still travel overseas when it is safe to. These are promising statistics for the travel industry as a whole as they show couples will be looking to resume their traveling plans once it is safe to-do so again.

80.9% of Couples Are Happy with the Support They Have Received from Their Wedding Suppliers

The overall view from wedding planning couples was that support from their wedding suppliers was positive. Over 52% gave the best review of suppliers being very good, with a further 28.9% explaining their supplier experience has been good. So if your wedding plans have been impacted in one way or another by Covid-19, don’t hesitate to reach out to your suppliers and see how they might be able to help

69.9% of brides say their wedding dress budget has not been affected

In a brilliant piece of news for the bridal fashion industry, 69.9% of brides stated that their all important wedding dress budget had not been affected by the pandemic. Almost a third were also open to partaking in a virtual dress appointment.

Over 92% of Couples Who Were Planning On Getting Married Abroad Will Not Cancel Their Plan For A Destination Wedding

Couples who had been planning for a destination wedding are largely still opting for a wedding abroad. Over 92% of couples surveyed – who were planning on getting married abroad – have said they won’t cancel their big day, with the majority hoping to reschedule their wedding in the same location at a later date.

If you have had to postpone your wedding day then explore our utterly romantic ways you can still celebrate your original date.

Source: Confetti Survey “The Impact of Covid-19 on your Wedding Plans”, fielded April 24 to May 5 2020. A total of 4165 Confetti & National Wedding Shows users with upcoming weddings have participated in this survey.

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