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Everyone who attends a wedding is always hopeful that they’ll find a photo booth – it’s the perfect way to capture how amazing everyone looks and have a fun keepsake to take home too.

We asked Coco Photo Booths for more information about having a photo booth at your wedding…


Having a photo booth at your event these days is the norm rather than the exception. For many years the choice of photo booths were limited to an oval shaped affair with limited space for groups.

Coco photo booths

Coco Photo Booths have been leading the way with their own custom-built photo installations for over eight years, with a 1934 Vintage Austin, Fiat 500, Phone Box, Tardis and Vintage Photo Wall.

The Classic Mini Photo Booth from Coco even has the engine removed leaving space for the printer under the bonnet and printed photos will appear through the front grille.

Cream taxi photo booth

In a similar vein the 4×4 meter green screen carpet gives the impression of guests flying, and of course, the range of nine different London Taxi Photo Booths in pink, blue, classic black and very bridal cream and white patterns are perfect for couples who want something different.

Lighting is so important to produce great pictures; as a fashion photographer, Coco’s owner Leo Ferenc is always seeking flattering images to print for his clients.

“It’s all very well having a photo booth, but the photos have to be admired after the event, by choosing Coco Photo Booths you can be sure of beautiful images,” explains Leo.

Newlyweds in photo booth

Top tip: Buy 6×4 inch photo frames from Amazon, around £2 each, and leave them close to the photo booth, they make for great favours for your guests to take their booth pics home with.

To find out more about Coco Photo Booths, visit their website.

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