Father of the Bride 3

Father of the Bride 3 (Ish): Everything You Need to Know

Just when we all thought 2020 was a total write-off, it was announced there is a new Father of the Bride film!

The 1991 classic saw Steve Martin come to terms with his daughter getting married and losing the plot a little under the pressure of his role as ‘father of the bride‘. Then the sequel followed the Banks family as Annie had her first baby, and George (Steve Martin) and Nina (Diane Keaton) welcomed their surprise third baby.


Fast forward a quarter of a century (yep, we know) and there’s a 30 minute short reuniting all the original cast, with a few new additions, including a cameo that will make you shriek.

How can I watch Father of the Bride 3 (Ish) in the UK?

Netflix has reunited the original cast of Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kieran Culkin, Kimberley Williams-Paisley and Marty Short, in true 2020 format through Zoom – although without any awkward freezes or loss of connection.

You can watch the 30-minute film via Netflix’s YouTube account. It’s introduced by none other than Reese Witherspoon (and no, that’s not the surprise cameo we were so delighted by!), and was written and directed by Nancy Meyers, as she did with the first films, to raise money for the World Central Kitchen.

You can watch the film below:

Who is in Father of the Bride 3 (Ish)?

So, you’ll see all your favourites from the original films – there’s George and Nina (in separate rooms of their house, presumably to negate any social distancing awkwardness from the actors), Annie and Brian (also in separate locations!), Matty and of course, Franck, whose accent has got even more difficult to decipher.

Florence Pugh stars as Megan, George and Nina’s surprise baby who is now all grown up, and Ben Platt is Georgie, Annie and Brian’s son and Megan’s ‘birthday twin’.

There’s also the new character of Rachel, played by Alexandra Shipp, Matty’s girlfriend, and the truly fabulous cameo which we will leave you to discover when you watch it!

Is it everything I want it to be and more?

In a word…yes. It’s so 2020 it’s unreal – there’s mask chat, hand washing to ‘Happy Birthday’ and a lot of sweatpants. So far, so family reunion on Zoom!

Confetti.co.uk Editor Zoe Burke had this to say: “Father of the Bride is my favourite film of all time! It kick-started my love of weddings back in the 90s (and my very real love for Steve Martin), and this little gem of a film is what we needed in 2020. It will make you gasp and cry – the nostalgia, the love, the chemistry, it’s all there. The only problem is…it’s too short!”

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