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This Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box Will Blow You Away

This Harry Potter inspired golden snitch engagement ring box from Asher Freeman at Freeman Design will absolutely blow you away, and the proposal story behind it will melt your heart.

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New-Zealand-based Freeman Design specialises in high-end bespoke jewellery, so it’s no wonder that this magical golden snitch inspired secret ring box is such a beautiful piece of art. It comes as the result of a special commission and over 60 hours of work, and also doubles as one of the most striking necklaces we’ve ever seen.

Golden Snitch Necklace and Secret Ring Box with Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Key Charm by Freeman Design |
Image courtesy of Freeman Design

Uriel Palma, an infantryman in the U.S Army, was deployed in Egypt when he decided he wanted to propose to girlfriend and Harry Potter fan Trechsel Hall. After browsing the internet for ideas like “some kind of flash mob or something cool like you see on YouTube,” he reached out to Asher Freeman of Freeman Designs and commissioned this stunning ring box.

Golden Snitch Necklace - Harry Potter Golden Snitch Locket - I Open at the Close - Freeman Design 3D Printed Golden Snitch Ring Box and Necklace - Golden Snitch Jewellery - Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace with Wings - Golden Snitch with Wings Harry Potter Necklace |
Image courtesy of Freeman Design

Uriel gifted Trechsel the snitch at the start of a trip to Japan, but she couldn’t open it. Uriel then proposed a week later at a rooftop restaurant in Tokyo, where he presented her with the key to unlock the snitch and she found the ring within.

“Her smile will be engraved in my memories forever,” Uriel said.

She said yes!

The golden snitch is fashioned from Sterling Silver and an extra thick coating of 18ct Yellow Gold, its wings plated in an extra thick coating of Rhodium. And, since the snitch was made to be a necklace, Freeman Design also laboured to create a miniature Nimbus 2000 broomstick charm to accompany it, which acts as the key to open it.

Featured above: The making of the snitch via GIPHY

“It was his idea to be able to lock the snitch with a mini Nimbus 2000 broomstick,” Palma said. “The guy is smart.”

The hinging and catch mechanisms on the snitch (both of which are lovingly handmade) are concealed so that, “when shut, no one else can tell that the snitch is actually meant to open, keeping the engagement ring a complete secret.”

This Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box Will Blow You Away - Golden Snitch Ring Box - Harry Potter Wedding Ring Box - Goldan Snitch Engagement Ring Box by Freeman Design |
Image courtesy of Freeman Design

Freeman Design began the snitch with the aid of 3D computer modelling, which he then “3D printed and cast in Sterling Silver using the Lost-Wax Casting Process”—a method of pouring molten metal into a wax model, and the wax then melted away.

For the final finishing touches, the snitch’s lid was engraved by hand with the iconic, “I Open at the Close,” and inside with the lucky bride-to-be’s name, and then the snitch was fully hand polished to give a brilliant shine. The result is truly magical—looking at it, we can almost believe it’s about to flutter its wings and take flight.

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas - Golden Snitch Ring Box and Necklace from Freeman Design |
Image courtesy of Freeman Design

“Knowing how much this has been appreciated and loved by the couple has been the icing on the cake,” Asher has said. “‘The socks on Dobby’s feet’ so to speak!'”

Freeman Design has also teased another golden snitch secret box, this one with “a different surprise” hidden inside. We can’t wait to see what treasures Asher makes next!

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