Percy Pig and Penny Pig Are Getting Married |

Percy Pig and Penny Pig Are Getting Married This Saturday

Percy Pig and Penny Pig are getting married! Excitement over the royal wedding is reaching fever pitch with just 2 weeks to go until the big day, so at least we can celebrate another celebrity wedding while we wait for the 19th May.

Percy Pig and Penny Pig Are Getting Married |


Percy Pig is a gummy pig sweet that’s been in M&S stores since 1992 (though he went on hiatus for a few years in 1997) and Penny Pig has also been around since 1998 (discontinued but brought back in limited edition packets). Fast forward to 2017, and Percy got a girlfriend ready for Valentine’s Day when Marks & Spencer brought Penny back for a “Percy and Penny Together at Last” pack.

Now, just two weeks before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding on the 19th May 2018, Percy and Penny are engaged to be married. The wedding is to take place this coming Saturday, May the 5th, at 12pm, and M&S have released special, limited edition packs of the gummy pigs to commemorate the occasion. Packs are available while stocks last for £1.65 each, and they feature Percy and Penny dressed for their wedding and come complete with little strawberry flavoured hearts. Sweet!

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