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The First Same Sex Royal Wedding is Happening This Year

We’re still not really over this year’s royal wedding – we’re still puzzling over what Prince Harry said to Meghan at the altar – and we’ve been low-key counting down until Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank, however there’s another royal wedding even sooner than that!

The Queen’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, is set to marry his partner, James Coyle, in a private ceremony at his country estate, Bridwell, in Devon later this summer. Mountbatten came out as bisexual two years ago, following his divorce from wife Penelope Thomas.


In a super modern turn of events, his former wife will give him away at the ceremony. Penelope told the Daily Mail this idea came from the couple’s three daughters: “It was the girls’ idea. It makes me quite emotional. I’m really very touched.”

Mountbatten explained to the Daily Mail that he didn’t think he’d marry again, however he wants to do this for his partner: “I’ve been there, done that and have my wonderful children (…) but James hasn’t had the stable life I have.”

He also told the newspaper that it will be a relatively simple affair: “There won’t be two men in tuxedos on a cake, white doves or anything twee or contrived like that. We’ll probably have cheese, instead of cake.”

Mountbatten, who is particularly close to the Queen’s son Prince Edward, and his wife, Sophie, also gave an interview to the Express, where he touched on his struggles with his sexuality: “Finally I am able to love myself. And the reason this marriage is acceptable to all of us, particularly our lovely daughters, is because of the character of James, the nature of the beast — the gorgeous beast.”

We loved how Harry and Meghan’s marriage was a defining moment in history, and now hot on the heels of that there’s another one. We can’t wait for this!

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