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Wedding Poetry Writing Competition Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our wedding poetry writing competition  – Anna Louise Whitehouse, for her poem The Right Knight.

We had so many wonderful entries, in a variety of styles, from deeply personal and romantic to wonderfully uplifting, witty and humorous. We would like to thank every single entrant for the time they took in writing and submitting their entries, which were all read and considered, and we hope will continue to be enjoyed by each writer and their loved ones for years to come.


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The Winning Poem

The Right Knight

by Anna Louise Whitehouse

(For a medieval castle wedding)

This is a tale of two hearts entwined,

of a knight and his lady who one day would find,

That oft cupid’s arrow is guided by fate,

and the truest of lovers is well worth the wait.


Sir Robert the Gallant did travel the nation,

installing thatched rooves with improved insulation.

One day, ‘pon his travels he heard a sweet voice,

with a pretty Welsh lilt, his accent of choice.


The voice did belong to a maiden most fair,

who possessed  a sweet face and lustrous blond hair.

Yet she wore not a dress but a man’s shirt and hose,

when she climbed ‘pon a roof, the knight’s eyebrows arose.


The world of thatched roofing seemed suddenly hollow,

Sir Rob knew at once ’twas his heart he must follow.

This pretty Welsh maid seemed a heavenly match,

a true gift from God, a young maid who could thatch!


As the lady descended Sir Rob took his chance,

he hoped she’d respond to chivalric romance!

“My lady,” he said, “would’st thou care for some mead?”

The Welsh maiden smiled and said softly, “indeed.”


They shared conversation and a goblet of mead,

who could predict where this friendship would lead?

Upon that encounter ‘tween knight and fair maid,

the firmest foundations of true love were laid.


In Sarah-Lynne’s eyes this knight was a charmer,

who’d look most appealing when dressed in full armour.

It seemed that they shared the same humour and wit,

before long the fires of passion were lit!


Sir Rob was an expert at wielding a lance,

he was skilled in the practise of courtly romance.

A champion jouster of local renown,

he captained the jousters of Hereford town.


His love, Sarah-Lynne, was a maiden of action,

to gallop at speed gave her great satisfaction.

To climb every mountain, ford every stream

and one day to fly, was this brave lady’s dream!


And yet Sarah-Lynne had one ladylike passion,

her closet of shoes, all the latest in fashion.

For every occasion she’d a suitable pair,

and hours were spent wondering which ones to wear.


And so knight and maid set up business together,

installing thatched rooves in fair and foul weather.

Their love grew in strength and they set up a home,

Rob’s sword collection had a room of its own!


Then one day Sir Robert did fall ‘pon one knee,

and ask his good lady, “wilt thou marry me?”

She said, “would this marriage require a new dress?

for if so, the answer is certainly yes!”


Today is the day when you both celebrate,

the love you encountered upon that first date.

‘Tis a joyous occasion when two lives unite,

and a ring seals the marriage of lady and knight.


Love fadeth not, love endures forever,

and like a thatched roof, can withstand any weather.

Who could have guessed that roof insulation,

could lead to this day of great celebration!


So let’s raise a goblet to many years more,

for yours is a love that was worth waiting for!

About the Winner

Anna Louise Whitehouse specialises in writing medieval and Tudor style wedding poems and also goes under the name of The Medieval Wedding Poet.

“It all started when I wrote a poem for a friend’s medieval wedding and had lots of nice feedback. I’ve written more since then and had requests from the UK, France, America, Canada and South Africa so far.

Anna Louise Whitehouse Wedding Poet |

My poems are bespoke and based on the love story of the couple involved. I also write vow renewals and I wrote last year for a National Trust living history feast organised by History Bloom.

The type of poetry I write tends to be used as an alternative reading or speech, or some couples print it out for people to keep, but I do also get requests for poems to be given as a unique gift, in which case I print it onto parchment style paper with a delicate border and send it off in a gold tube.

The Prize: iPad mini

Confetti has awarded a prize of an iPad mini to the writer of the best poem. Each entrant was asked to submit no more than one poem, in any style, on any subject, and it had to be suitable for being read aloud at a wedding.

The Judges

Three of our top managerial staff read through all the unnamed entries, which were from a mix of published, and as yet unpublished poets, and selected the winner based on the content, style, suitability, and overall feel of the piece when read aloud.

Congratulations to our winner and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in this popular competition.

You can read more about wedding poetry in Wedding Poems for Your Ceremony.

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